Saturday, June 3, 2017

7 dead, dozens hurt after blasts rock Kabul protester's funeral

This article published by CNN World on Saturday, June 3rd discusses the events that happened in Kabul, Afghanistan today. According to CNN, a suicide bomber killed seven and injured 119 people during a funeral. The same day, anti-government protesters were active, but as of now, the Taliban has denied any involvment in the funeral bombing. The funeral may have been an object of interest, because a lot of high-profile government officials as well as lawmakers were to attend this funeral. Following the suicide bombing as well as the protests, Afghans are increasingly concerned about their stafety. Yamamoto, a UN envoy to afghanistan urged members of the international community to "help put an end to the cycle of violence" in Afghanistan, as the Afghan government is overwhelmed with the task of restoring peace in their country.

- Helen Majer

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