Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Egypt Islamists get life for Kerdasa church attack

There is a church in Kerdesa, Egypt that was vandalized and attacked by Egypt Islamists. The radical islamists were sentenced for life for their actions against the church and the people. This muslim brotherhood or Morsi muslims have also been found guilty for killing 13 police officers back in February.

Syrian Opposition, Activists Report Chemical Attack

On Wednesday, April 29, Syrian activist groups reported yet another chemical attack. The recent chemical attack was in the northwestern province of Idlib where a dozen of people were claiming they were suffocating. Several groups in Idlib have reported seeing government helicopters dropping a least two barrels of chlorine on a town within the province. However, there is no proof the government are actually behind the chlorine droppings. This is not the first time such reports have been released, and according to one doctor, the victims smelled like bleach. The U.N. has received the reports, but have yet to do anything about it since there is no one to formally blame. However, the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons has condemned the use of chlorine in Syria as a break of international law. Yet, the council, in 2013, order the removal of Syria's chemical weapons which did not include chlorine.

Written by Sarah Prosia

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Saudi Arabia prince got fired

Saudi Arabia’s King Salman has named Prince Mohammed bin Nayef to replace his half-brother Prince Muqren, whom was previously appointed by the founder of Saudi Arabia, King Abdul-Aziz al-Saud and the Allegiance Council, as crowned prince and prime minister. As reported, Prince Nayef is now the most likely successor to King Salman for his role as Saudi Arabia’s counterterrorism tsar. Also, king's 30 years old son Prince Salman now takeover what was previously Prince Nayef's duty and become the deputy of Prince Nayef. Prince Salmon is also the defence minister of the nation, and this promotion made him the second in line to the throne. Also, the foreign minister Prince Saud al-Faisal was replaced by now Adel al-Jubeir, the Saudi Arabia ambassador to the US. The replacement of the crowned prince is most likely been consulted the Allegiance Council first before it took place.

-By Leiyang Guo


U.S.-flagged ship intercepted by Iranian patrol

Adam Winters

On Friday the 24th, a U.S. Cargo ship was flagged down and intercepted by an Iran Revolutionary Naval Patrol boat.  The U.S. ships name is Maersk Kensington and it was sailing on the straight of Homuz.  An estimate of thirty people may be on the U.S. ship.  The U.S. Navy has dispatched one maritime patrol and reconnaissance aircraft to keep an eye on the situation.  However, no military action is predicted to have to intervene and the U.S. is expecting the Iranians to send the boat on its way.  This incident has brought up questions on how to keep boats safe on international waters and keeping shipping routes secure for travel.

Scientists and Religious Leaders Discuss Climate Change at Vatican

A group of scientists, politicians, and religious leaders--including Pope Francis and Secretary General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon--assembled at the Vatican to discuss climate change. Both the Pope and General Secretary believe that climate change is largely a man-made phenomenon and that action must be taken to prevent it from growing out of control. Moreover, the various religious leaders in attendance agreed that there should be no divide between science and religion on this issue. Some critics, however, expressed concern that the Vatican's involvement with climate change may cause people to think the issue is one of Roman Catholic doctrine and based on faith. Mr. Ban agreed that while religious leaders should not scientists, their moral leadership is key to the movement and that all citizens of the world should be concerned as well.

Kevin McMahon

Lithuania Continuing To Be Punk Rock Against Russia

RJ Ramanauskas

Lithuania is the only country (so far) to not attend Victory Day in Russia on May 9th. A representative for Lithuania has a quote explaining the reasoning, "The state of Lithuania was not involved in World War Two and we are definitely doing the right thing. After the war, as we know, we were occupied for another 50 years, so how can we celebrate freedom or democracy and mark the day as a celebration?" Lithuania will however pay tribute to the victims of war on May 8th and leave flowers on the tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Lithuania has been outspoken about how opposed they are to Russia in the Ukraine along with their own previous occupation.

Monday, April 27, 2015

President of Sudan Is Re-elected With 94 Percent of Vote

The president of Sudan is re-elected receiving 94% if the votes. President Omar Hassan al-Bashir was re-elected, but many groups boycotted the election so there was a low turnout of voters. Fifteen people ran against President Omar Hassan al-Bashir, but these candidates that were running against Bashir were unknown. The election lasted four days and only 46% of eligible voters, voted.  The United States, as well as Britain, and Norway agreed that Bashir did not hold a fair election. The rights that the citizens have are not what are stated in the Sudanese Constitution. The elections are not fair and controlled by the leaders. Elections do not indicate what the people of Sudan truly want. 

Marissa Kulak 

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Earthquake Aftershock Jolt Nepal as Death Toll Rises Above 3,200

Citizens of Nepal have yet to recover from the devastating earthquake that struck Katmandu. The earthquake killed thousands of people and destroyed various historic temples. People have taken to sleeping in fields and military parade grounds in fear that an earthquake will strike again.  Many worry that overcrowded encampments and unsanitary conditions heighten the chance of spreading disease. Currently, the U.S., China, and India are starting their own relief efforts, thus leading to what appears to be an international relief effort.

French President Hollande Says Racism Is Still Alive After Visit to WWII Camp

France's President, Francois Hollande, recently commemorated the 70th anniversary of Allied Forces liberating Nazi concentration camps during WWII. He remarked that racism was still a problem today. Over the last few years France has a had a series of religious based attacks, specially against Jews and Muslims. While commemorating the atrocities of Nazi concentration camps, Hollande pointed out that it was important to recognize that hate was still present today and that preventing more racist/religious acts of violence was essential. Interestingly though, Hollande made no comment on plans for tackling the problem of racism and religious based attacks that have been happening in France.

BBC News:

By: Jenn Hoffman

The $18bn arms race of Middle East

As we all know that lately there has been too much of conflict going on in Middle East. This conflict basically started after Arab spring which caused divisions among the Gulf states and induced military interventions. This yeah five countries in particular KSA, USE, Algeria, Egypt and Iraq have bought weapons worth $18 billion dollars. This amount has significantly increased from last year, and given the volatile nature of this region, such weapons may prove very dangerous now as countries are willing to demonstrate their military power. This news also brings forward other issues such as diverting such funds for a better cause that can help the society - especially the poor lot. Moreover, it also raises the issue of modern warfare that every country is becoming capable of. Even though nuclear power is a far fetched for some of the small states in middle east, it still raises the question whether these states will be non-nuclear states in 10 to 15 years from now. Our states are more concerned with the means of autonomy rather than promoting peace. Modern weapons and warfare can only open new gates of terror for us and nothing more.

Chinese Funerals

So apparently in China there are not only people whose job is to strip at funerals, but these people are fairly common. During Chinese funerals it is common to hire strippers to preform during the ceremony in order to attract more people to better send off the deceased, Evidently this tradition started as hiring "performers" which I'm assuming means classier dancers, and has recently transgressed into the more erotic version of dancing.

Stripping is illegal in china, and its ministry just released a notice saying that they will be cracking down on these practices in the near future.
-Anthony Colant

NATO and Russia play War near UK

According to a CNN article, large military exercises have been taking place near the United Kingdom. Although some believe that the training comes in response to Russia's recent aggressiveness, NATO has stated that the two are unrelated, claiming that "...planning started long before Russia began behaving as an adversary."

With tensions high between the two, military exercises of this caliber in Europe are not to be taken lightly, and are reasonably understood to be dangerous. The article claims that "'s likely pretend war follows," which is a reasonable claim considering the very different motivations between NATO and Russia, as well as the military capacity of the two powers.

Posted by: Sergio A. Lopez

Nepal Earthquake poses challenges for international aid agencies

This article was very informative. The main idea of it was to update the readers on the Nepal earthquake. About 2,400 people have been found dead thus far, and thousands more are critically injured. Many countries, including the United States are sending aid to the people who were impacted by the earthquake. The big problem these countries face is getting to the people, especially in rural areas. Many roads, which were already in poor condition, were worsened by the earthquake. The earthquake left many without power, water, and even a home. Many people’s homes were destroyed during the earthquake and the aftershocks. The aid crews will have to work vigorously to bring water and other supplies to people who were affected. The main focus now isn't helping people survive immediately. It is how Nepal will rebuild its infrastructure and make everything safer for the future. This is all very important because monsoon season starts in June, and it is very hard to complete construction work during that season. 

By Josh Hubbs

5 Billion People Have no Access to Safe Surgery

According to recent research carried out, there are two thirds of the worlds population living without access to safe surgery, this number is more than double what previous estimates were. The study conducted by The Lancet, estimates that 93% of people living in sub-Saharan Africa have no access to basic surgery. The expense of healthcare in these regions is so great that it is pushing more people into poverty because what they need is so expensive and this leaves them with little or no money left once treatment is completed.
The study suggests that there needs to be more global investment, of $420 billion in order to start to help solve the problem. Several doctors from the UK and USA have said that many people have given up on hospitals in the regions because they will not get the healthcare they need.
In Sierra Leone there are 0.1 specialists available per 100,000 people where as in the UK/USA there are 35 specialists available per 100,000 people, which is still considered a shortfall.

Nicole Meechan

Government bans protests in Burundi as the country fears pre and post election clashes

By: Valarie
Following the declaration to run for the third term by Burundi's President many citizens decided to flee the country due to fear that the election may result into clashes. The government banned protests of all kind effective as of April 25th. The Presidential party claims that the the first term is not to be counted since lawmakers made the running candidate President. At the moment, the country is involved in clashes between the protesters and the police.

Grecian future in doubt

There is no doubt that Greece's economy is in dire straights, but the government seems to be at a loss on what exactly to do about it. In a recent closed door meeting of high ranking government officials there was no consensus on what would be done to try to avoid bankruptcy and even more social unrest. The current debt of the state is roughly 175% of their GDP. There appear to be a few possibilities in the plans of action that could be taken, most however involve with defaulting on one of their many loans. The most notable of these loans is from the IMF, the International Monetary Fund, a loan that no other developed country has ever defaulted on. Other actions include possibly leaving the Eurozone and refusing to pay government employees. Whatever might come about this situation, Southern Europe can become very unstable as a result.

Deadly Burundi protests after president seeks third term

At least two people have been killed in violent clashes in Burundi, a day after President Pierre Nkurunziza launched his bid for a third term in office. Angry protestors threw rocks and blew things up in the capital in order to show their disinterest in the bid of the president running for his third term presidency. More than 12,000 people have fled to neighboring countries in recent weeks citing violence ahead of June's presidential election.


Nepal Earthquake

In Nepal the earthquake that devastated the country was the worst one in 80 years.  It was a magnitude of 7.8 which is huge. At Mt. Everest there were many climbers who were running for there lives after the quake hit saturday, which 10 of those people died. Also many historical landmarks were demolished during the quake like the Dharahara Tower which is nine stories high. Right now 1,970 people are dead and in recent articles the death toll is up to 2,500 currently and still rising a lot.
T.J. Miller

Nepal Terrorized by Aftershocks, Hampering Relief Efforts

The harsh effects of the massive earthquake that struck Nepal over the weekend is still terrorizing survivors. As many as 2,400 were killed in the earthquake or from the landslides from Mount Everest and as many as 5,000 were seriously injured. Since the major earthquake activity has since stopped, after shocks are not interrupting any relief efforts being made.

Citizens of Katmandu, the capital of Nepal, are now taking residence in the streets as the little number of safe shelters that are around are completely full. Food, water and electricity are completely scarce, leaving any injured survivors with little hope and growing despair.

The Nepal government is working to set up more relief stations that will distribute water and medicine, all of which are much needed. Schools will remain closed for educational purposes, but open to those seeking shelter.

This earthquake was the "deadliest" event in Nepal and Mount Everest's history.

Lauren Edmunds

Airstrikes on militants from Syria on the Syria-Isreal border

Sunday night, the Israeli military executed a series of airstrikes that targeted a small group of four militants who were crossing an area shared by Israel and Syria. It was assumed that the Syrian militants were planting a bomb on the Israel  It is unknown which militant group the four individuals were from. The area in question was the Israeli occupied Golan Heights, it was here that the Israel Defense Force noticed the four militants and proceed with the airstrike. Three of the four alleged attackers were killed.

-Cara Hoover

Burundi Protests and Third Term President?

Yesterday, 4/25/2015, President Pierre Nkurunziza launched his bid for a third presidential term and since then, protests have ensued and two people have died, many more have been injured and detained. Nkurunziza became president after the civil war in Burundi. People are protesting because of the term limits that were established to end the war, but some are arguing his third term would be legitimized because he was chosen by parliament. Many are scared that another war will break out, as protesters are being met with tear gas, water cannons, and live ammunition. 

Kayti Everette

Chile volcano Calbuco causes flight problems

The Chilean volcano Calbuco erupted on Thursday, April 23, 2015 causing a mushroom of ash going about 12 miles into the air. Ash from volcanoes are very dangerous to airplanes because the particles can cause damage to the engines. Therefore, many flights to Argentina and Chile have either been canceled or turned around. Some flights have stopped short of their destinations in Brazil. This is different from when the Chilean volcano Villarrica erupted in March when little international flights were effected. Villarrica is about 125 miles north of Calbuco.

Cori Elsesser

Earthquake Devastates Nepal, Killing More Than 1,900

A very powerful earthquake hit Nepal on Saturday with a magnitude of 7.8. the death toll has climbed to around 1,900 with property damages  still being accounted for. This natural disaster puts the government of Nepal in a weaker position. Years of chronic political uncertainty has ensured that the local government of Katmandu was not able to ensure that most of the public buildings were ready to withstand an earthquake. Since the earthquake was on a Saturday schools were not in session and officials say this helped in lowering the death toll. UN aid is already being prepared to assist the overcrowded hospitals and the dwindling water supply. Secretary of State John Kerry claimed that the US ambassador to Nepal issued a "disaster declaration" which would allow Nepal to claim $1 million in humanitarian assistance from America.

-Kevin Nalefski  

Russian Hackers Tap into President Obama's Unclassified Email

Caitlin Atkinson

Officials have reported that Russian hackers managed to tap into President Obama's unclassified emails. The extent of the hackers' reach into the emails is unknown and the White House, National Security Council, and FBI have all declined to comment. This could be construed as worrisome. However, if it was a real problem or threat the people of the United States would have to be told. It is worrisome for US relations with Russia. The timing of the hacking occurred during Russia's invasion of Crimea and the US's denunciation of that action. This could lead to even more tense relations with President Putin as well as distrust of the nation's future actions.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

ISIS is becoming more likable? Danyelle Hunt

From the article I read, it's very disturbing on how many people around the world are trying to a terrorist group.  I learn that if they get someone to come join the fight with them in Syria then that person can convince people they know to also come and join the fight.  So it's like if you watch a video on YouTube, then you watch another one that YouTube recommends because it is good.  Obviously this problem is really serious I mean it's not a thing that is not going away anytime soon.  If anything it's gaining more popularity because of the publicity that media is giving it.  With that being said by the media even more people are blindly joining a wicked army with no morale what so ever.  If anything what "God" wants their world to be filled with war hate.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

American Mouthpiece for al Qaeda killed by U.S.

On Thursday, April 23, the White House announced that back in January of this year, Adam Gadahn was killed in a U.S. government counter-terrorism attack. Gadahn was born in the United States, living in California when in 1995 he converted to Islam. However, in 1998, Gadahn moved to Pakistan where he became associated with al Qaeda. Once he joined al Qaeda, Gadahn changed his name to Abu Suhayb. Gadahn began moving up the ranks of al Qaeda and became the Chief official English-language propagandist. He began appearing in videos threatening countries and asking Muslims to target American, Jewish and Western interests. Gadahn soon was added to the FBI's most wanted list. In 2011, U.S. leaders found a letter from Gadahn to Osama bin Laden addressing recommendations for al Qaeda media strategy.

Written by Sarah Prosia

Armenian killings 'were genocide' - German president

German President Joachim Gauck has labeled the killing of Armenians by the Ottoman Turks in 1915 as "genocide." President Gauck, who holds a mostly ceremonial role in government, spoke at a church the day prior to the German parliament's debate on the issue. Turkey argues that it was not a "genocide," and Gauck's labeling will likely upset them. Armenia claims that up to 1.5 million Armenians killed while Turkey argues that the number was far fewer. Although most scholars refer to the event as "genocide," and even Pope Francis has claimed it to be "the first genocide of the 20th century," Turkey rejects the term.

Mike Bikulcius

US admits two hostages killed in al-Qaeda raid

Adam Winters

A counterterrorism operation was put into action in January of this year.  In the raid, two hostages were killed that have been in captivity since the years of 2011 and 2012.  The names of the hostages were Warren Weinstein, an American, and Giovanni Lo Porto, an Italian.  President Obama was reported saying that the raid on the al Qaeda compound was not supposed to have any civilians in it and the deaths were caused by a CIA drone strike.  He takes full responsibility as commander and chief.  Besides the deaths of the two civilians, four members of al Qaeda were killed including a spokesmen and a leader of the organization.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Puerto Rico Development Bank

The Puerto Rico Government Development Bank believes that the US government will soon shut them down within the next three months because of their lack of funds. The island is currently $73 billion in public debt. Puerto Rico wants legislators to start cutting cost and balance the budget so that they do not have to shut down the bank.


U.S. in the Ukraine

RJ Ramanauskas

There are U.S. troops now in the Ukraine. They're to fight the Pro-Russians in the Ukraine. The Ukrainian president approves of this action. There's U.S. troops training the Ukrainians. While there's other people focusing on peace, others want to fight to uphold democracy. There's a quote about half way into the article saying "This is not only a war for the independence of Ukraine, but also a war for freedom and democracy in Europe and the whole world."

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Egyptian Court Sentences Mohamed Morsi to 20 Years in Prison

Mohamed Morsi was the Egyptian president for a year. He belonged to the Muslim Brotherhood. There are four criminal cases against him. Morsi and dozens of other defendants encouraged violence and illegal torture and detentions. That is one of the most important cases against him. Morsi does not respect the current president or the authority of the courts. He keeps saying that he is the president and that all of the authorities now are nothing. Which shows how uneducated he is. Before Morsi became the president, he ran out of prison during the revolution. No one knows how he was accepted to run for presidency; and when he won for sure everyone knew someone played with the votes.

Austria Recognizes Armenian Genocide

One day after Germany announced its recognition of the Armenian Genocide, Austria has also issued a statement condemning Turkey for the killing over a million Armenians in 1915. With the one hundredth anniversary of the genocide occurring on April 24th, much attention has been given to the issue and the fact that still relatively few countries have openly recognized the event as a genocide. President Obama, despite claiming otherwise before the 2008 elections, has still not used the world "genocide" when discussing the event, even as other countries have shown support for Armenia, and the United States has not officially recognized it due Turkey's role as powerful and strategic trade partner in the Middle East. As the centennial draws closer, more nations may come forward and release similar statements.

Kevin McMahon

Former Egyptian president Mursi jailed for 20 years

Former Egyptian president and leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, Mohamed Mursi, has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for the killing of protesters in 2012. Mursi, the first freely elected president in Egypt, was indicted along with twelve other men. Groups such as Amnesty International have condemned the ruling as a "travesty of justice" and are demanding that Mursi and the others be retried according to international standards due to the perceived influence of the military on the judiciary system. While the United States has not been completely supportive of the verdict, the government has not outwardly disapproved the decision, due to Egypt's strategic position as a Middle Eastern ally of the US. Egypt is still in a tenuous situation, with Abdel Fattah al-Sisi now president after staging a military coup against Mursi in 2013. Since then, the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood has diminished and more members are being charged for similar crimes. 

Kevin McMahon

Xi Jinping Plans to Fund Pakistan

Chinese President Xi Jinping pledged to give Pakistan $46 billion in energy as well as infrastructure projects. Most of the money would go towards a railroad linking the port of Gwadar on the Arabian Sea with the Xinjiang Providence. Another majority of the money would go towards making Pakistan’s infrastructure better. This would help increase Pakistan’s GDP by approximately 2%. However, there are concerns with the Chinese helping Pakistan. There is worry of the violent providence of Baluchistan and how they will respond to China’s railroad as well as the money they are providing Pakistan. Pakistan responded to this concern my reassuring China that the safety of the Chinese workers is very important to them. Pakistan is making its own military division in order to protect the Chinese.

Marissa Kulak

American Marine on a Mission to Deter Iran

By Valarie

Yesterday, US sent out 2 more ships to add to the ten ships that are already guarding the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea. The US claims that the marine vessels are just an action of swaggering, and serve the purpose of monitoring the waters to ensure Iran does not supply Yemen with ammunition for the war. The ships are used to ensure that sea lanes are left open and no illegal activities are going on in the area. The additional two ships are joining the other vessels to "interdict arms shipments and evacuate civilians when need arises".

Auschwitz guard on trial

Oskar Groening, a bookkeeper at Nazi-led Auschwitz concentration camp, admitted moral guilt while being tried for his role in the genocide of Jews. Groening's job was to confiscate and count money that Jews brought with them to the camp. He claims he had nothing to do with the genocide and mass murder of Jews at Auschwitz. However, he did admit his moral guilt for being a part of such heinous crimes. Groening admitted his guilt and claimed to have seen the gas chambers in order to prove Holocaust deniers wrong. Previously, Groening faced charges in the 1980s of war crimes, however their was no proof of his personal involvement. Now, prosecutors believe because he was simply at Auschwitz, he can be charged and given 3-15 years in prison. The 93-year-old also faced four Holocaust survivors while he testified in court. By Hannah Higgins

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Germanwings Crash Exposes History of Denial on Risk of Pilot Suicide

Last month a Germanwings flight departed from Barcelona, Spain with the intention to return to Germany was found scattered among the French Alps. Among the 150 passengers aboard the plane were Captain Sondenheimer, co-captain Lubitz (who happened to be flying), high school exchange students and a pair of opera singers, just to name a few. On April 18, 2015, investigators claimed that Andreas Lubitz deliberately crashed the plane into the French Alps as an act of suicide. According to medical records, Lubitz had suffered from severe depression for a number of years. The article begs the question whether airline companies should have stricter screening methods for their employees and obtain further access to pilot’s medical records. The article also discusses matters of airline security and Lubitz’s prior medical history leading up to the plane crash.

Ukrainian WWII veteran forced from his home in Ukraine

Gregory Margolin, a Jewish War Veteran of the Red Army, had to flee his home in Donetsk after a missile had hit it. He didn't leave Donetsk earlier because he claimed to feel safe in the town and that the civil war wouldn't hit there. Margolin, survived the impact that hit his house, but his daughter died. Margolin took his granddaughter and immigrated to Israel after it happened. It is interesting that a war that was partially Russia's fault caused a Soviet war veteran problems and how this will be reacted to.

Dean Hamrick

100,000 Officials Caught in China Austerity Push

The top anti-graft body of China's Communist Party said Monday that more than 100,000 officials have been reprimanded since late 2012 for violating policies mandating more austere working practices.The party's Central Commission for Discipline Inspection has reported that around 5,430 officials were reprimanded in December 2014, the latest research they have. Because of all the violations the party has launched an anti-corruption campaign and a campaign to improve the behavior of officials, mainly focusing on abuse of power and disloyalty to the party.

Patrick Cravens
In Nigeria there has been a mysterious affliction that has killed as many as 18 people in southwestern Nigeria, since April 13.  while the disease does not appear to be contagious symptoms include headaches, blurred vision, loss of sight and unconsciousness. The World Health Organization reported at least 13 people were killed and that there were 18 total cases, which is slightly different than the amount that Nigeria's state commissioner for health had reported which is very strange. The current preliminary diagnoses is that these symptoms are brought on from ingesting homemade alcohol, but officials have yet to run the toxicology tests so this diagnosis is not official as of yet. 

-Anthony Colant

ISIS Targets U.S. Consulate

According to CNN's report, ISIS has claimed a blast that occurred near a U.S. consulate in the city of Irbil, Iraq. The tactic used by the terrorist group involved transporting suicide bombers via an automobile and presumably driving the vehicle as close as possible to the consulate. Although the vehicle was stopped by local police before it could reach the consulate, the explosion was still considerable. No employees in the consulate were hurt, however this specific attempt at targeting U.S. operations in Iraq has been one of many organized by the terrorist group, ISIS, contributing further to the already raised caution of possible attacks.

Posted by: Sergio A. Lopez

Hundreds missing in the Mediterranean

A boat that was holding over 950 people on board and some hundreds were smuggled in the bottom. their has only been 28 survivors and 24 dead bodies they have found. Where the ship had gone down the water goes about 3 miles down so they may never know how many people were actually on board. This also refers to the fact that illegal immigration has risen everywhere the past years. Also European countries do not spend as much as they should in rescue teams and trying to stop illegal smuggling. Some Italian lawmakers suggested a naval blockade but Renzi denied that by saying the ships would not be able to send the immigrants back to the chaos in Libya.
T.J. Miller

Italian police: Muslim migrants threw Christians overboard

According to the Italian police, 12 Christians, from Ghana and Nigeria were thrown overboard by Muslim migrants from Libya, whom spent the past week trying to make it to Italy. Police in Palermo have arrested 15 of the migrants on suspicion of murder. The journey began on Tuesday with a group of 105 people leaving Libya in a rubber boat. Coming from the Ivory Coast, Mali, and Senegal, the Muslim assailants may have thrown more overboard but according to the other people making the trip, they remained on the boat "because they strongly opposed the drowning attempt and formed a human chain." The boat was intercepted by an Italian navy vessel, who then docked the boat in Palermo and from there made the arrests. This isn't an unusual trip to make, as each year it is made by Africans in order to escape the poverty and war. The Italian Coast Guard has stated that more than 10,000 have arrived at the Italian Border since last week, this is not including the many that are lost throughout the voyage. The International Organization for Migration have reported that the current death toll is closing in on a thousand.

Post By: Giacomo Raimondi

Mexican Police Capture Leader of Juarez Cartel

The kingpin of the Juarez Cartel of Mexico, Jesus Salas Aguayo, was arrested on Friday 80 miles south of the Texas-Mexico border. Aguayo has been on the DEA's most wanted list since he came to power in October. He is the primary suspect in the murders of at least 17 people, including to federal officers and two federal witnesses.

The Juarez Cartel, mainly known for drug trafficking on the Texas-Mexico border, is now finally slowing down operations. Mexican government officials are pleased with the progress they are making in the area and hope to continue on the same course of action.

In addition to the capturing of Aguayo, Mexican police also captured the leader of the Gulf Cartel, Jose Fuentes, only hours after Aguayo's capture. This incident lead to "hours of street fighting" in the city of Reynosa. Although minor violence did occur, government officials, including Mexico's president, are pleased with the results. The reign of drugs and terror along the border is finally starting to faint.

-Lauren Edmunds

Australia and Iran aim to team up against Islamic State

The Australian Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop revealed early Sunday that dating back to October of 2014 Iran has been sharing secret information dealing with the Islamic State. As both have stated, they both see the spread of the Islamic State as a threat to global politics. Bishop and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani have pledged to focus on combating the Islamic State's spread in and around Iraq, this mainly involves an attempt to deradicalize propaganda currently being spread around the Middle East and the possibility of Iranian boots on the ground with Australian support. This lends very well to the prospect of open dialog between Iran and much of the rest of the world, including the current talks over their nuclear programs coming though lately. Overall prospects for an Iranian integrated world are very high now that they are opening up to countries that have typically been at odds with them to solve not just regional, but global problems

Suicide bombers not right Danyelle Hunt

This Saturday in Afghanistan a suicide bomber blew himself up and taking with him 33 innocent lives and injuring 100 more.  The claim that is going around is that this suicide bomber was part of ISIS.  Which if this is true this will be the first by ISIS in Afghanistan.  The name of the bomber was Abu Mohammad and his mission was to detonate by the bank to kill off government officials.   In my opinion this is not a good effective way to change the country. For instance why kill off innocent civilian that has nothing to do with the government.  I mean all you get that is pointless death and a possible civil with more death on both sides.  I mean there are more civil ways to change the government that does not include death.  Also who in their right mind would volunteer to kill of people that can't even change the situation of their country?  I mean it's a really scary world we live in  and how people can throw away their sanity to join this non-sense.  Or even some case it may be that people brought up from this and our brainwashed to believe that this is the one and right way to do things.

China's President Heads to Pakistan with Billions in Infrastructure Aid

The article “China’s President Heads to Pakistan with Billions in Infrastructure Aid” was very interesting. The article mainly talked about how the President of China, Xi Jinping traveled to Pakistan to discuss the building of more infrastructures. This is the first overseas trip for the Chinese President this year, and this first time a Chinese President has visited Pakistan in 9 years. The main goal of China aiding Pakistan is to show that China can make a difference in a neighboring country that has trouble with terrorism. The main substance of this deal involves $46 billion for the construction of power plants and roads. All of that will be built in a 15 year span by Chinese companies.  This move by the Chinese President is also a way to keep peace, and stop the heavy immigration from Pakistan into a certain part of China. The article also shows how China really is becoming a world leader, and how the United States global say could be declining. This article was very interesting, because it talk about helping a nation develop, and also the growing power of China.

By Josh Hubbs

The surreal world of Venezuela's queues

 Economic climate in Venezuela

The Venezuelan economy is currently one of the fastest declining economies in the world. Venezuela who was made rich by oil is facing turmoil because of mishandling the wealth and sending the country into economic turmoil. Queuing for food outside the local supermarket for basic items such as bread or milk has become the norm. Venezuela blame both the USA and Europe for trying to destroy their economy. The Venezuelan government controls the prices of how much the producers can charge someone for an item, this is useful in a growing economy but inflation is at 60% and the value of their currency is plummeting many companies are operating at a loss and many companies cannot sustain the demand for the goods that are needed, many foreign exports are now not trading in Venezuela because they do not receive payment from the cash strapped government. the Venezuelan government is now dictating to people when they can queue for goods and what they are entitled to buy on those days but it does not mean that the shops will have it on stock. Crime in Venezuela has also risen because of the scarcity of basic goods, as many shoppers are being robbed of their goods when they are on their way home, there has also been an increase in riots when waiting in lines however for the most part the lines have been frustrating but peaceful. The Venezuelan people are losing their faith in their government and are no longer believing that the shortage of basic goods is down to Venezuelan 'enemies'.

Nicole Meechan

China moves further towards its Communist past.

Xi Jinping, the leader of the Chinese Communist Party, has turned his platform of anti-corruption to what Mao called the "sport of millionaires," golf. Said to be a front for individuals trading influence for power the sport of golf has now been heavily restricted in China and it is likely that many golf venues will be forced to close to the restrictions. Following the original take over of the Communist Party golf was banned, and didn't see a resurgence until more recently when regulations were relaxed but with Jinping's return to Mao's doctrine it would seem more and more "western capitalist" past times will be targeted and removed.

It paints an odd picture. China as it exists today is heavily involved in the world economy, especially with capitalist countries yet at the same time is now decrying those very states as being oppressive. The state seems to be saying one thing to its people and another to the world economy. It will be interesting to see how long this can last.

Post by Angus Buchanan

Polish Protest Over FBI Director's Holocaust Comment

FBI director James Comey recently made a comment suggesting that he believed that some Polish citizens had been accomplices to the Nazi Party during the Holocaust. His comment was made during a speech at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum’s 2015 National Tribute Dinner, and was later turned in to an opinion article for the Washington Post. BBC News reported that in the Washington Post article Mr. Comey said, "In their minds, the murderers and accomplices of Germany, and Poland, and Hungary, and so many, many other places didn't do something evil...They convinced themselves it was the right thing to do, the thing they had to do." As a result the Polish government summoned the US ambassador in Poland to formally apologize for the comments Mr. Comey made. The government expressed that they firmly believe and have historical evidence that Poland was a victim of WWII and that the Nazi Party alone holds responsibility for the Holocaust. In response to outcry from Poland, the Washington Post then wrote a follow up article criticizing Mr. Comey's comments.

Original Washington Post Article by Mr. Comey:

BBC News Report:

Washington Post Follow Up Article:

By: Jenn Hoffman

5 teens arrested in Australia, suspected of being inspired by ISIS

5 teens were arrested at 3:30 this morning in Melbourne, Australia for engaging in efforts to kill antiterrorist police officers. 3 of the teens have been released already because the police need to launch "further enquiries" into their involvement but one teen has been the center of the search for his close relationship with another teen who was gunned down after knifing some policemen last September. Sevdet Besim is the only one who has been charged and Australian authorities have attempted to quell the idea that the suspects were islam inspired, instead saying the attacks were inspired by the "Daesh Death Cult" a transliteration of an arabic slur for ISIS. The attacks were planned for the morning of Anzac day, the biggest national holiday of the year in Australia. It's particularly troubling because many Australians have died fighting for and against ISIS and 150 people have been reported in Sydney alone recruiting people for ISIS. 

A Call to Action to Stop the Transport of Migrants to the EU

Caitlin Atkinson

There were 700 migrants on the boat that sank in the Mediterranean; only 28 people have been found alive. This tragedy as sparked verbal outrage about the human trafficking that is occurring because of the conflict in Libya. The Italian prime minister has called for a summit so the European Union can strategize about how to stop the migrant problem. Unfortunately, so far no action has been taken. Leaders have only responded with statements against human smuggling and the devastation it has caused. Action needs to be taken, but the course is unclear right now.

Argentina Launches Lawsuit Against Falkland Oil Drillers

Argentina presses a lawsuit against three British and two American companies for drilling oil near the Falkland Islands which the Argentinians call the Malvinas. Argentina says the companies were illegally drilling in Argentinian territory and that the riches the companies were taking belong to Argentinians. The UK responded by saying that Argentina needs to stop being a bully and that Argentine domestic law does not apply to the islands. Therefore, Argentina is simply trying to stop economic development on the islands. The article says, the lawsuit will not be successful and that any hope of Argentina gaining from the oil fields will now divert to Chile.

    -Cori Elsesser

Al-Douri assumed dead

Iraqi state-run television has recently reported that Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri, the former left-hand man as well as  recently a key figure in Sunni extremist groups against Iraq, has been killed during a security operation if the country. Al-Douri was a military commander and vice chairman of the the revolutionary command council in Hussein's regime. After fall of Hussien, al-Douri was identified by US military as "King of Clubs" - one of the most wanted regime officials. Also, he was thought to be the leader of Naqshbandi Army that supports ISIS in post-Hussein period. Over the course of years, several claims of al-Douri being killed had been made, however none of them were proven valid as several videos of al-Douri taunting Iraqi government as well as the US have been posted on the 65th anniversary of the Arab Socialist Baath Party, after the claimed killing taken place. However, recently al-Douri was again claimed to be killed during an attack by Shiite militias and Iraqi government troops on Hamrin Mountain. The body of whom assumed to be al-Douri will be transferred to Iraqi capital Baghdad and be tested within 48 hours.

by Leiyang Guo


Dissidents in Cuba

The PCC is the reigning and only official party in Cuba, but for the first time in a very long time, there are 2 candidates running for a local position who are dissidents. The reason this is news is because of Cuba's one-party system there have never been instances where candidates were not part of the PCC (communist party). The two candidates were selected at a local meeting, and although it is for a a local municipal position, this could be representative of a softening of the political system in Cuba.

Kayti Everette

Sale of U.S. Arms Fuels the Wars of Arab States

Boeing is offering a clear cycle of Sales and War with their large production of F-15 fighter jets. Large contracts have been made between many warring states in the middle east. It seems that American businesses having been working to keeping all sides of the conflict in Yemen armed. As the proxy wars continue it becomes more clear that several major powers have no interest in seeing their end. On the contrary, many large groups intend to add more wood to the fire in efforts to keep each side buying into military contracts. This desire for contracts has begun to supersede the prevailing American tactic of keeping Israel on the military cutting edge. It would seem that Cooperate America is undercutting American politics, but hey what else is new?

Kevin Nalefski    

This hardcore Russian biker gang is about to invade Poland

Tension is increasing between Russia and Poland because of a biker gang. “Night Wolves” a Russian motorcycle club is planning to drive through central Europe to get to Germany next week. The gang’s is celebrating the “70th anniversary of the Soviet Union’s victory over Nazi Germany”.  Many poles are against what this gang is doing. Social media took over people have been creating Facebook pages, and protesting to say that they are against it. Polish Minster also warned the bikers. The bikers do not have any visas yet to travel with, but they are not backing down.