Sunday, June 4, 2017

Hackers Hack the Email of UAE ambassador to the US, revealing interesting developments in the Middle East

Yesterday Morning, the Intercept reported that the Hotmail account of Yousef Al-Otaiba, the UAE Ambassador to the US was hacked. These emails were hacked by a group of Russian hackers tied to the same hackers that hacked the DNC emails in the 2016 Presidential Election in the US. However, more interesting, as the Intercept reports, is the contents of the emails. These emails show a surprising relationship building between a group called the FDD, or the Foundation of Defence for Democracies, who are pro-Israel and the UAE, a country who has never recognized Israel as a nation. However, these two countries have worked with each other against another country, Iran. The article points out that the emails, talked about the countries of Saudia Arabia and The UAE to pressure companies with ties to them and to Iran to cut expansion into Iran following the Iran Nuclear Deal that allowed them to do so. The emails also point out important conversations with some pointing the coup in Turkey to be the fault of the UAE and the FDD and conversations about taking control of the political climate in Qatar. You can read even more interesting topics within the email in the intercept article:

-Asfa Anwer

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