Tuesday, April 30, 2013

US planning for potential intervention in Syria

Reports from a US senior administration official claimed that the Pentagon has begun weighing out its options for a potential military intervention in Syria. Most reports state that the deployment of ground troops is unlikely, and that most of the action will be based on strategically placed missile strikes targeting chemical sites or headquarters of Syrian military. While there has yet to be any formal declaration that the US will take action in Syria, recent actions point towards the positive. 


Deadly bomb hits busy street in Damascus

A  second car bomb was detonated on Tuesday on the streets of Damascus. The bomb wounded many but killed thirteen. As of yet, a group has not taken responsibility for either bomb. The Interior Ministry states that it is a “terrorist” organization. The article states that the bombings do not mean that the regime is about to collapse; instead, it sends a message that rebel groups have entered the capital. It is also stated that the bombings are psychological tactics to gain rebel supporters. In order to ward off rebel groups, the government has been shelling the area around Damascus; ultimately, the governments attempt at keeping rebel groups out of the capital.

By: Allison Vigna

Palestinian Militant Killed by Israeli Airstrike

The airstrike that occurred today was the first Israel strike against a militant in the Gaza strip since the cease fire in November of 2011. Palestinian militant, Haitham al-Mishal, Evyatar Borovsky, was killed by the airstrike. This airstrike occurred shortly after an Israeli man living in a settlement in the West Bank was stabbed to death by a Palestinian. The rockets used in the airstrike were launched from the Egyptian Sinai Peninsula. The Islamic extremist group operating in Gaza and Sinai - the Mujahedeen Shura Council in the Environs of Jerusalem - said it had fired the rockets in support of Israeli prisoners in Palestinian jails. The the Mujahedeen Shura Council claimed that the victim was one of its members, but had previously been a member of the armed wing of Hamas. A spokesperson for Hamas describes this act as "'dangerous and unjustifiable.'"

Posted by: Liz Linning


35 hurt in gas explosion at Prague building, officials say

On Monday there was an explosion in the historical district of central Prague that injured 35 people. At first they were not sure if it was a terrorist attack but later it was confirmed to be a gas explosion. The blast was not far from the National Theatre and a block from the Vltava River. Charles University cancelled their classes and other offices closed down for the day.

Afghan Leader Confirms Cash Deliveries by C.I.A.

Afghan President Hamid Karzai admitted Monday that the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has been giving Afghanistan “bags of cash” for decades.  He claimed the money was used for “various purposes” and described the amounts given as “small,” but former and current advisors to Karzai had said the cash amounts have totaled tens of millions of dollars over the past decade.  These payments have been used by Karzai to pay off warlords, lawmakers, and other people whose support is necessary. Mr. Karzai has expressed his gratitude for the money and admitted that he has been receiving support from the US for the past 10 years, paid out in monthly installments.  While Karzai is thankful for the assistance, others in the US are not so supportive.  Some American diplomats as well as American soldiers were dismayed by the CIA’s cash support, stressing that these payments can lead to corruption.  In addition, many feel that the agency is using cash to buy the loyalty of the Afghans.  Utah Representative Jason Chaffetz stated, “I thought we were trying to clean up waste, fraud and abuse in Afghanistan.”  He stressed that the US has no credibility in trying to clean up corruption when it is guilty of it also.

Israeli settler killed in West Bank

 An Israeli settler had been killed by a Palestinian border police at a bus stop in North of West Bank. This was seen as an intentional kill as the Palestinian attacked the Israeli settler from behind, stabbed first and took the Israeli's gun and shot him. It was said that this was the first time a settler has been killed by a Palestinian in the West Bank since 2011.

 -Tremaine Moore

Monday, April 29, 2013

Fight takes place on Mount Everest

A fight brought out between two climbers and their mountain guides while ascending Mount Everest. The Nepalese mountain guides became distraught after the Swiss climbers continued to climb despite directions to halt. A subsequent ice fall took place following the continued climbing that ultimately struck the sherpas. The climbers descended and were eventually met with a crowd of angry sherpas that had gathered after the ice fall. It has been reported that a peace deal has since been reached between the two climbers and their mountain guides.

Meghan Steinbeiss

Lawmakers Want Action Against Syria

Senator Lindsey Graham predicts that, if Obama doesn't act on the situation with Syria and their use of chemical weapons, that the U.S. will head into war with Iran. Graham also stated if we fail to acquire outside help with Syria, it will become a failed state and "all hell's going to break loose in the region." While it is agreed upon with other defense lawmakers that action should be taken, they are unsure as where to begin.


Kuwait Court Keeps Jail Time for Twitter Insult

Over the weekend, Kuwait government officials sentenced Sager al-Hashash to one year of prison for posting inappropriate "tweets" on Twitter about the Gulf's nation ruler. Originally, his punishment was a total of two years in prison but, the media states that since that hearing, the officials have reduced his sentence to one year of jail time. As of this decision made Monday morning, April 29, 2013, the government officials of Kuwait have stated that they are cracking down on the use of social media and monitoring any threats that could affect the government and its people.


-Heather Krynicki
(5th blog)
Serbia's president has apologized for all "crimes" comitted by Serbia during the breakup of Yugoslavia including Srebrenica.While he is apologizing he will not call the crimes a genocide. He had been taking major heat for this statement when elected. Although he chooses to think of the crimes in Srebrenica as something other than genocide, he feels that the only way to move forward from the previous conflict is to look back at the previous actions and respect the decisions made by the ICC. 

Heidi Goetsch


Sunday, April 28, 2013

With Bags of Cash, C.I.A. Seeks Influence in Afghanistan

Found this interesting. The CIA has been paying the President of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai, in cash during much of the ongoing conflict between the two countries. The article discusses how tens of millions of US dollars have been dropped of to the Presidents office in plastic bags, back packs, and suit cases as a means of ensuring the US's ability to maintain relations with the Presidents inner circle. Furthermore  the article quotes one American official "The biggest source of corruption in Afghanistan is the US". Apparently this has been going on with for close to or a little over a decade. The money, which President Karzais old chief of staff calls "ghost money", has been key means of funding various warlords and various acts of corruption in the Afghan government.


Soccer, Instructional Terror, and the Boston Bombing


The latest on the Boston bombings reminded me on some parallels that we have seen in some of our readings, specifically the excerpts from the Soccer Rules the World book and the Christian soldiers chapter of Terror in the Mind of God. In the news article the Mosque described is nearby as soccer stadium, where graffiti marked "Victory or Paradise." Also, it is believed that the suspects learned how to make their bombs from a magazine published by Al-Qaeda, similarly to the Christian magazines in which strategies for bombing abortion clinics are laid out. The similarities in both aspects were relevant to the readings, so I thought it interesting to post about it. The purpose of the article was to report how or when the suspects received their training, if training occurred. Right now there is only speculation, but the mosque is known as a recruiting site for extremists, so there are some leads.

Iraq suspends 10 Television Channels in the Wake of Anti-Government Protests

After a recent anti-government protest, which resulted in the death of five Iraqi soldiers, the Iraqi government has suspended the operations of 10 television channels, including Al Jazeera. This suspension does not only include their broadcasts, but the abilities of their staff to move around the country. The reason given for this suspension is that these channels were broadcasting violent and sectarian rhetoric. The full list of the channels suspended is: Baghdad, Al Sharqiyah, Al Sharqiyah News, Babylonian, Salah al-Din, Anwar 2, al Tagheer, Fallujah, Al Jazeera, and Al Gharbiyah.


William Ragan

Venezuela Vote Audit

In this article the vote for the Venezuelan president was supposed to be tallied up but the government said it would not recount elections. Mr. Capriles who lost by a narrow margin accused the audit of being fake and demanded a recount. Capriles is pulling out as many sources possible to compete with Maduro's win. The audit for voting is scheduled to begin May 6 and be completed in June.


Two more self-immolations in China


Two Tibetan monks have died after setting themselves on fire in the Sichuan which is in the Southern region of China. They did this in protest of Chinese rule. This is not the first time that this has happened, however. More than 100 Tibetans have set themselves on fire since 2011, and they usually do so around Tibetan ethnic areas in China.

What's most interesting about this is that so many people are setting themselves on fire, but with no real result coming from their actions. This contrasts the actions that succeeded the self-immolation of the street vendor in Tunisia, which caused a succession of revolutions.

Why is it that the protests of the Tibetans goes on without any real attention? Is it because of the lack of foreign media being allowed in China? Or the inability for most of the Chinese people to use the same social networks that were being used in Tunisia? Or is it just because we have no real interest in Tibet?

-Madelyn Higdon 

Cyprus divided they fall

This article is about Cyprus and the economic crisis among Europe. As we know, Cyprus is an island that belongs to Greece and Turkey. In order to fix Cyprus financial situation, painful structural reforms have to done.  Also, people form Cyprus is divided between two countries. They are some people who are trying to unification the island and other don’t want the unification. It is really interesting if we take into consideration that portion of the island is part of the European Union  and the other part not. It is interesting to analyze how one country has both sides of the coin (being part of the European union and not being part of the European Union.)   


Iraq Prime Minister Maliki Warns of 'Plague of Sectarianism'

Iraq’s Prime Minister Nouri Maliki is concerned about the sectarian violence that has persisted in Arab nations since the removal of US troops, and has since become the most widespread.  Maliki implied that the violence returned to Iraq after it had begun again in Syria.  Since Tuesday, 170 people have died across the country in the conflict. In the first attack gunmen opened fire on Sunni members of the local Awakening Council (established to combat insurgents linked to al-Qaeda).  Anti-government protesters called for Maliki, a Shia, to resign and denounced authorities for targeting the Sunni community.  The nation’s political and religious leaders were encouraged "not to let anger win over peace." 

Erin Burneson 

Greek Jobs


This article is about the recent passing of a bill in the Greek parliament to cut civil servant jobs, however this (as the article explains) would not actually reduce the workforce as those jobs are mostly going to be replaced.    The article goes on to explain how (in the future) more jobs will be cut without replacement, and a summary of the further situation in Greece.

Jeff Kort

This article is about the issues of poaching rhinos throughout Africa , and drastic measures have been taken in an attempt to try and prevent poaching. The article starts out by discussing how a South African game reserve is trying to poison the horns of rhinos, to make them useless to poachers. Wild life managers  are injectiong poison into horns of live rhinos so that those who consume the horn will become “seriously ill”. According to the article the poison is a mixture of parasites and permanent pink dye. The poison isn’t fatal, but if someone does ingest the poisonous horn they will feel nauseated, stomachache and diarrhea. A private game reserve in South Africa has injected poison into more than 100 rhino horns over the past 18 months to try and discourage poaching. Conservationists hope that the poison will make the consumers of the horn think twice before they eat the horns. The managers of these game parks are using the media and posting signs on fences surrounding the protected areas. Airport scanners can also detect the dye that has been injected into the horns even if the horns have been grinded into powder. Rhino horns sell for their weight in gold and at times more in Chinese and Vietnamese markets, who use the horns in traditional medicines and as a condiment in some delicacies.
Last year 668 rhinos were killed by poachers and this year more than two hundred rhinos have been killed already, and conservationists estimate that close to 1,000 rhinos will be killed this year. Althought this attempt is made to lower poaching but it may not, instead “it probably has the effect of displacing poaching intensity to other areas, not stopping it altogether”. National parks support this idea but they say that it is almost impossible to use it on all the rhinos in the parks because a lack of resources.
I agree with this initiative, and can only hope that it works. There have been many attempts to try and stop poaching, but it still goes on, at an increasing level because many people are willing to pay so much for it.


Palestinians march against Israeli settlements

Approximately 500 Palestinians marched in protest against illegal settlements in the West Bank. The march was the largest of its kind in recent years and was prompted after reports surfaced that Israeli settlers had attacked Palestinians twice in the past week. Villagers say settlers torched ten cars, threw stones at Palestinian children, and erected an Israeli flag. 

The march was led by Palestinian youths, who were throwing stones at Israeli soldiers. Israeli soldiers fired tear gas and rubber bullets in retaliation, pushing the protest back. “We’re gathered today to say we refuse to be driven off of our own land,” said a villager. “We want their army to pull the settlers out.”

The United Nations considers the Israeli settlements in the West Bank to be illegal and an obstacle to the peace process between Israel and Palestine. John Kerry, the US Secretary of State, said earlier this month that the chances of a viable Palestinian state are dwindling fast. The recent resignation of Salam Fayyad is certainly not going help the Palestinian Authority’s situation, by any means. 

Read more here

Islamists in Russia

THE ECONOMIST--The Boston Marathon bombings have put a new focus on Russia's Islamist republics. After the bombers were identified as Chechens, Russian president Vladimir Putin called President Obama to offer his help during the investigation. Putin has argued that the threat of radical Islam in Russia is the same as the one currently being faced by the West. So far, it seems the bombers acted alone without the help of an organization. However, the bombings have left investigators questioning what and if a connection exists between a regional conflict in Russia and the States. As the article posits, "...the Tsarnaev boys sought mental refuge in their native land" despite never fighting in the independence wars or living in Chechnya for an extended period of time.

LEV 350
Emily Goodfellow (#4)

Seoul protests Abe for defending shrine visits

Korean government officials expressed their strong protest against Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's remarks defending his Cabinet members' visits to Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo.  Yasukuni enshrines convicted Class-A war criminals from World War II as well as the war dead.  Korea accuses Abe for supporting his Cabinet members's visits Yasukuni claiming that Japan is turning a blind eye to "the history of agression and colonial rule", which makes it difficult for Korea and Japan to establish a friendly relationship in the future.  On the other hand, Japanese Prime Minister Abe takes a firm attitude toward the criticism, saying his ministers are free to“pay respects and worship the precious souls of the war dead.”


Honami Nabeshima

More Killed in Pakistan in Bombings Ahead of Election

Election year leads to war in Pakistan. Taliban attacks on election candidates in northwestern Pakistan killed at least eight people and wounded dozens. They have planted bombs outside Tribal offices. The Taliban Pakistan militia has been planting attacks on people in connection with the Pakistan elections with about fifty people killed since April to effect the results. Similar actions has taken place before with the 2008 election when the opposition leader, Benazir Bhutto, was assassinated weeks before the election. Every election season, Pakistan police officers have to provide security to tribal candidates.

-Tremaine Moore


Rebels from Darfur Stage Attacks

Rebels from a Darfur region of Sudan attacked a town 300 miles southwest of Khartoum on Saturday. This is one of the boldest offensive attacks in years. The rebels are a group called the Justice and Equality Movement, or JEM, who attacked far outside of Darfur and South Kordofan State like they never have before. JEM is a member of the Sudan Revolutionary Front. The Sudan Revolutionary Front is an alliance of rebel groups who want to topple the government and Omar Hassan al-Bashir. The battle that began on Saturday between the JEM and Sudan's army is still going on.


Jessica Connor

Islamist Rebels Create Dilemma on Syria Policy

With the knowledge that Assad's regime has used chemical weapons against his own people, the Obama administration is hesitant to strongly support the rebel opposition because of its extreme Islamic nature. Rebels aligned with Al Qaeda have seized government oil fields and established courts that enforce Islamic law. Two years of violence has "radicalized the armed opposition," leaving few groups that share America's political vision for Syria. The descent into civil war has hardened sectarian differences. Of the most concern is the rebel group Nusra Front, whose leader confirmed cooperation with Al Qaeda in Iraq and pledged fealty to Osama bin Laden's long-time deputy and now top Al Qaeda leader. They are pushing for an Islamic state in the wake of Assad's secular government violence.


Jill Laumbacher

Shooting as Italian Government Sworn In

A shooting occurred today outside of the prime minister's office as the government of Enrico Letta was being sworn in.  The event was being broadcasted live because there was great excitement for the formation of the new government that was forming nine weeks after national elections.  The ceremony continued inside undisturbed as the square was cordoned off and ambulances arrived on the scene.  One officer was wounded in the neck, another was wounded in the leg, and a civilian woman was also hit.  None of the injuries were fatal.   The culprit, a 49-year old man from Piedmont, was caught immediately following the incident.  He had planned on the attack being a murder suicide, but ran out of bullets.  Interior Minister Angelino Alfano stated that an investigation would ensue, but it appeared to be "'an isolated incident.'" The attack also caused concern over the stability of the government following the inconclusive national election.  


Army says no to more tanks, but Congress insists

In this article posted by Fox News, it details how the U.S. Congress is insisting that the United States Army continues to build M1A2 Main Battle Tanks and to continue to upgrade these Main Battle Tanks. Lawmakers from both parties have given half a billion dollars over the past two years to build improved version of the M1A2 but senior army staff have said "no thanks". "If we had our choice, we would use that money in a different way," Gen. Ray Odierno, the Army's chief of staff, told The Associated Press this past week. So the question is why Congress is giving money to the Army that it doesn't even want for the purpose of building and upgrading M1A2 tanks. The article highlights that If there's a home of the Abrams, it's politically important Ohio. The nation's only tank plant is in Lima. So it's no coincidence that the champions for more tanks are Rep. Jim Jordan and Sen. Rob Portman, two of Capitol's Hill most prominent deficit hawks, as well as Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown. They said their support is rooted in protecting national security, not in pork-barrel politics.
I hope that they are telling the truth but when the Army and weapons experts agree that the Army does not need new tanks I get a feeling the congressmen are using pork-barrel politics and are saying its for national defense. I don't understand why politicians have to tell the Army how to run things I will simple put it as let the Army run the affairs of the Army and Congress run the affairs of Congress

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2013/04/28/army-says-no-to-more-tanks-but-congress-insists/#ixzz2RmYX59Ci

Weekly Blog #5

A union of Silvio Berlusconi's power and center-left rivals established a new Italian government Saturday, a strange association that disregarded a two-month stalemate following questionable elections in the recession-mired country. The shocking accomplishment was pulled off by Enrico Letta, a center-left leader who will be confirmed in as leader along with the new Cabinet on Sunday at the presidential Quirinal Palace. The establishment of the alliance bested the latest political reply for Berlusconi, who was required to resign in 2011 as Italy slid deeper in to the eurozone's sovereign debt crisis.

-Christopher Orda

Saturday, April 27, 2013

13 Dead, Dozens Injured in Mexico Prison Battle

There was a battle between groups of prisoners today in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. A group of inmates were fed up with the harassment from the other group of inmates so they used homemade knives and picks to attack them. After 13 dead and 22 injured there is still an investigation whether the prison authorities played a role. This is common in the prisons of Mexico since many rival cartels and gangs end up here.


300 B.C. Mexican temple hints at human sacrifice

There is a discovery of a temple in Oaxaca, Mexico which reveals hints of a specialized hierarchy of priests who may have committed human sacrifice, but researchers can't say if they are certain. Human bones were found along with animal sacrifice remains. Artifacts were scattered, Obsidian blades were left behind and archaeologist believed the priests engaged in ritual bloodletting.

Factory owners arrested in Bangladesh building collapse

The two owners of the factory building that collapsed in Bangladesh have been arrested, and the two municipal engineers who approved the building's safety the day before the collapse are being questioned.  Mahbubur Rahman Tapas and Balzul Samad Adnan are the owners of the collapsed factory.  They are accused of "causing 'death due to negligence.'"  The two men are also suspected of having forced factory workers of continuing their work in the 8-story factory despite being aware of the cracks.  It is believed that around 3,000 people were in the building when it collapsed, and about 600 people are still missing.  People are still being pulled out alive after 3 days, but rescuers will need to continue to work quickly to achieve the best results of saving as many people as possible.

Marion Gibney

Kurdish Men Dress As Women To Promote Equality !!

In East Kurdistan, a man was found guilty in an Iranian court for domestic violence. The court punished him by ordering him to dress in Kurdish women attire publically. This has led to an awareness group called the “Kurd Men For Equality”, who take pictures of themselves in Kurdish women clothing and post them on Facebook to symbolize that dressing as women should not be looked upon as a form of humiliation. The movement believes that the courts penalty represents the oppression and inequality of Kurdish women.

This is the awesome FB page! 

This is the article and where the photo is from:


Maliki: gunning down Iraqi soldiers is attacking the state

In the Sunni stronghold province of Anbar five Iraqi solders were killed which led the Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki to announce that attacking an Iraqi solder is is attacking the state. According to the article, last Saturday, unknown gunmen "killed five army intelligence soldiers in two attacks west of Baghdad while others shot dead five anti-Qaeda militiamen north of the Iraqi capital, police and doctors said." The killing happened while a group of he Iraqi solders were passing by an anti-government protest. The Iraqi solders wounded the gunmen, but the gunmen killed four of the solders and leaving one wounded solder. 
This is not the first crime of its kind in Iraq. According to the article, the killing of the solders happened in a dominate Sunni region while the government is known for being and advocating Shiite branch of Muslims. Iraqi people should stop killing each other despite their diverse believes. According to the article, "The country was torn by Sunni-Shiite fighting in 2007-2008 in which thousands of people were killed each month."

Abdul Aljalidi
Link of the article is provided below:

Canada fury at Sri Lanka choice for Commonwealth talks

Canada is displeased that Sri Lanka has been chosen to host the Commonwealth heads of government meeting in November, concerning the Sri Lankan government's passive reconciliation efforts with the Tamil population after the civil war ended in 2009. Canadian Prime Minister, John Baird, said that Sri Lankan government had failed in "the Commonwealth fundamental values of freedom, democracy, human rights, the rule of law, good governance." He also condemned that no meaningful reconciliation efforts have been showed toward the Tamil population, and "if anything, it's getting worse." He said there was "growing trend of authoritarian trend" in the Sri Lankan government and there had been "little, if any, accountability since the war ended." Canada is "appalled" at Sri Lanka hosting the meeting.

Rejecting Canada's criticism, Sri Lankan cabinet spokesman and Mass Media and Information Minister Keheliya Rambukwella said: "We have dealt with this human rights issue and we feel they are very biased and very unfair." Last month the UN's Human Rights Council passed a resolution highly critical of Sri Lanka's record. It pushes Sri Lanka to conduct an independent and credible investigation into alleged war crimes.

By Yen Do. Read more at: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-22322999

Israeli court: Stop detaining women at the Western Wall

A court in Israel has  instructed the police to stop arresting women who are praying at the Western Wall. Traditionally women and men are supposed to pay separately, but liberal women groups are moving to get mixed gender prayer. Women were being arrested for trying to pray in the men sections in support of the mixed gender prayer. The Orthodox Rabbi opposes this, but the Prime Minister has shown support to start to make a new plan in favor of mixed gender prayer.


Liz Gerhardt

Iranian 'cross-dress' sentence inspires copycat support

A man who was convicted of abusing his wife was sentenced to wear women's clothes and had to walk around the city in them. A conservative Kurdish group protested by posting pictures of them in drag and received wide spread support from various communities. The group argued that being a woman is not a punishment and this devalues the Islamic religion.


Liz Gerhardt

Friday, April 26, 2013

PKK Announces Withdrawal from Turkey

The Kurdish Workers' Party (PKK) of Turkey has announce its withdraw from the state to Northern Iraq. The withdrawal is planned to occur by the 8th of May.

Tensions have been high, prior to the announcement and in regard to how the withdrawal will occur with limited confrontations.

Shown in the map above, the Kurdish nation spans Turkey, Iran, Iraq, and Syria as well as a small region of Armenia. Kurds face discrimination in Turkey, and there have been requests for a Kurdish state for which hope was reignited when the United States forcibly changed the Iraqi leadership.

The European Union has pressured Turkey into more moderate actions toward the PKK and Kurdish population during Turkey's bids for membership.

Turkish Minister Expects No Operations on Withdrawing PKK Militants
No PKK Support to Kurdish State Plans in Northern Iraq
13 Member Team to Lead PKK Withdrawal

Photographer Captures War-Torn Countries

I stumbled across Ziyah Gafić, a Bosnian photographer, who has traveled all over the world capturing amazing photos of damaged countries. Below begins a series of photos that document places such as Bosnia, Palestine, Chechnya and Afghanistan. Simply click on the arrow in the small, white box located on the bottom right of the large black box.


Putin rejects foreign adoptions by same-sex couples


Russia is talking about changing adoption agreements with countries that have legalized gay marriage. Putin said it is in conflict with Russia's moral standards. Russia is really indirectly talking about amending its agreement with France. Now Russia is threatening to stop adoptions with Ireland if they pass the Magnitsky Act. It seems Russia's foreign policy is based on controlling its primary resources, oil and children! Now there is talk of other EU countries joining in with support of the Magnitsky act. The Russian speaker said that other countries need to respect Russia's moral, legal,ethical, and cultural standards, in regards to the Russian view on homosexuality. They only decriminalized homosexuality in the 1999. Currently gay right protesters are not allowed to demonstrate, and an anti-homosexual propaganda law is trying be passed. Russia seems to be taking away democratic freedoms left and right.

50 more rescued from Bangladesh building rubble

In Bangladesh Wednesday, an eight story building collapsed leaving hundreds dead.  Today, 50 survivors were found from the rubble from what was the third floor of the building.   Rescuers brought the survivors nourishment to help them as they began to  ultimately rescue them.  Friday, a woman who gave birth under the rubble of the building was rescued with her new baby.  The 72-hour deadline for rescue is approaching Saturday morning where rescue will turn to recovery and the retrieval method will be changed to large cranes and bulldozers although it is believed there could be hundreds more survivors beneath the debris of the building.  This retrieval method has ignited protest among a lot of people and especially relatives of those who are not found.  Tear gas was used to quiet the protesters.  Overall 2,375 were rescued and 72 were rescued from the rubble on Friday.

Brooke Reed


Fire at Russian Psychiatric Hospital

 A fire broke out early this morning in Moscow, Russia at a psychiatric hospital. Only three people escaped the blaze, two patients and a nurse, leaving 38 dead. It is not clear what started the fire, there are no leads toward criminal activity but criminal investigation has been begun. Investigators worry that patients were given medication to sleep and that could have prevented them from waking and escaping the fire. Russia has ordered a fire safety inspection of all hospitals to be completed by June and will provide assistance to the relatives of those who died with $16,000 and those who survived will receive $4,800.


“South Korea says it will withdraw workers at North Korea factory after talks rejected”

“South Korea says it will withdraw workers at North Korea factory after talks rejected”

North Korea and South Korea have a jointly run factory within North Korea in which Seoul wants to withdraw South Korean workers. The withdrawal of workers was decided after North Korea had rejected to talk about a factory park that has been closed. With the last of the South Korean workers to be brought back, the survival of inter-Korean cooperation has been affected and could be damaged with the unwillingness of North Korea to offer their ability to talk about the issues that South Korea has with the factory and the treatment of their workers.