Friday, May 22, 2015

McDonald's Breast-feeding Protest

In Hungary, a large group of mothers showed up in solidarity for a mother who was mistreated for breastfeeding her infant in a McDonald's. McDonald's assured the protesters that breastfeeding is absolutely allowed as per their "family friendly policy." It's interesting to see how the perceptions on breastfeeding are changing worldwide, as there has been a lot of pushback in the US and the UK.

Kayti Everette

Missing Plane Mystery

RJ Ramanauskas

A Lithuanian plane that was missing for a few days was found in the Baltic Sea, but the pilots are still missing. To give a little extra context, there have been a few flights throughout several decades that have gone mysteriously wrong. Many people in Lithuania claim that Russians/Soviets or some other conspiracy took place. While this may or may not be the case for this flight, there are still questions that need answers. Why did the plane go down? Where are the pilots? If there were life rafts and other safety materials, why did things go wrong and we can't find the pilots?  Hopefully we'll get some of these answers soon.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Vote in Ireland could complete a rapid shift on gay marriage

Tomorrow, the citizens of Ireland will go to the polls to place their vote whether or not to legalize gay marriage. Only twenty years ago, it was illegal to be homosexual in Ireland, and it was also the last country to decriminalize homosexuality compared to the rest of the Western World. However, if the vote passes making gay marriage legal, it would be the first country to legalize gay marriage by popular vote. There are other countries in Europe who have legalized gay marriage, yet that was due in part to uprising and conflict. The governments passed the law in those countries compared to Ireland where citizens get to vote on the law. In other places in the world, it is still illegal to be homosexual and could be imprisoned or even put to death. The Irish population is 84% Roman Catholics, and it is encouraging to see that much of the Church is supporting the law. Some are speculating if the law is passed, it could cause a rapid shift on gay marriage throughout the world.

Written by Sarah Prosia

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Chechen Forced Marriage Scandal

By Valarie

Polygamous marriage has been embraced in various societies. The police commander, Nazhud Guchigov of Chechen is 46-years-old and has one wife. The girl given for marriage goes by the name Kheda Goylabiyeva. The Chechen leader is marring a 17 yr old teenager whose family is reported to have been forced to give her up for marriage. Following the discussion of the morality of the issue on the whatsapp, Chechnya's Kadyrov calls for husbands to deprive their wives the freedom to use the social app, whatsapp and Nazhud has refused to address the issue to the media.The reporter who gave the story has fled due to fear that she was in danger. Apparently the Russian Presidents does support the polygamous marriage.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Six Chinese nationals charged with stealing US trade secrets

The United States has charged six Chinese nationals with the theft of mobile phone technology. Three of the six are university professors in China, and only one suspect has been arrested while the rest are believed to still be in China. The group stole FBAR technology which is used to block unwanted signal from mobile phones. They then set up a company in order to manufacture and sell the stolen technology. Chinese espionage has long been a concern in Washington, and according to the U.S. Justice Department this specific scheme was started more than a decade ago.

Mike Bikulcius

Monday, May 18, 2015

E.U. Agrees to Naval Intervention on Migrant Smugglers

The European Union decided upon naval intervention on to destroy ships that carry migrant workers from North Africa. The reasoning behind naval intervention is the European Union wants to stop humans from traveling over on ships that hold cargo as soon as possible. Although the European Union has agreed to have naval intervention on migrant smugglers for it to take into effect other countries will have to agree on the naval intervention, including some North Africa countries on the coast. Those that criticize the E.U.’s plant to have naval intervention state that people in the European Union do not understand what people have to go through in other countries, which is why they wish to escape from their country.  

Marissa Kulak

Lindsey Graham calls for 10,000 U.S. troops in Iraq

Adam Winters

Lindsey Graham, a Republican senator of the U.S. gave a speech the other day and criticized many things Obama has done in relations to ISIS and Iraq.  In his opinion, instead of 3,000 troops on the ground in Iraq, he would increase it to 10,000 if he were president.  He blames Obama for the condition Iraq and Syria are in now and the threat that ISIS poses to the world now.  At the end of the speech, after also addressing the question would he have still went along with a land invasion if he knew Iraq did not have weapons of mass destruction, he commentated that on June 1st, he will release if he is running for presidency or not.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

World's Greatest Thing in Iran?

News has been seeping out from Tehran lately that Iran is planning to set fourth a "beautiful race" on the island of Queshm. The island which is located in the Straight of Hormuz, has been seen as a scenic venue with a diverse landscape. The likelihood of racers such as Vettel, Alonso, Hamilton and Rosberg gracing the asphalt is very slim however due to a couple reasons. First is the global political machine of Formula One that does not always abide by the "If you build it, they will come" rules, and frequently passes up on tracks from globally upstanding countries (such as Italy, Germany and Japan). The second is the location, the Queshm Island is an ecological paradise and has been hinted by many historians and archaeologists as possibly have been the site of the Garden of Eden. This could cause serious environmental and religious problems if a track were to be planned there, as if Iran already has enough. It will be interesting to see if F1 were to come to Iran, as a fan of the sport I think it would do a great deal to draw the people of Iran to the people of the West and Far East that they have been isolated from.

-Mike Ciric

Discrimination at Harvard University

According to an article recently published by CNN, Harvard University is currently being sued for discriminating against Asian-American student applicants. The claim being made by the groups suing the school is that--on average--an Asian-American student has to be in much better academic standing than a white student in order to obtain equal likelihood of acceptance into the university. This has not been the first time that Harvard has been accused of racial discrimination, and the most recent voices are calling for a federal investigation to be conducted by the United States Department of Education and the Justice Department.

Posted by: Sergio A. Lopez

ISIS Leaders

Reports have been circulating that Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, an important leader for ISIS was seriously injured in an airstrike back in March. The Iraqi Ministry of Defense claimed his No. 2 was killed in a coalition airstrike, a claim the U.S. military has not confirmed. A  U.S. official told CNN on Monday there is "no information" to indicate al-Baghdadi has been injured and, furthermore, there was recent intelligence indicating he "is a player" and is "absolutely participating" in the day-to-day running of ISIS. The rest of the article goes on to talk about different key players within ISIS, predicting who will rise to power if or when the current leaders die. The whole article has a fairly extensive list of ISIS leaders which only proves that the idea of “cutting the head off of the snake” simply won’t be enough for this situation. 

Written by Anthony Colant

Vladimir Putin "Sports Star"

62 year old Vladimir Putin leader/ dictator of Russia made his way onto the ice this weekend in the name of a gala hockey match to celebrate 70 years since the end of WWII, on a team with ex NHL professionals. Putin not only played, but he scored 8 out the 18 goals that were scored on his team, although comical this event shows how much pride Putin takes in his reputation and how far he will go to maintain his "action man" persona that has been cultivated by the Kremlin. Putin has previously posed bare chested on a horse, rode in a supersonic jet, and helped put satellite trackers on Tigers. His somewhat official personality cult also unveiled a bust of Putin dressed like a Roman Emperor further depicting him as a dictator and not an elected leader.

Nicole Meechan


ISIS financial expert killed

The ISIS commander as well as chief oil expert/financialist Abu Sayyaf was killed in a firefight during his resistance to the capture. It is identified that while Sayyaf is dead, his wife was captured and currently been held in Iraq. While the true identity of Sayyaf is not yet released, a close possibility is that the guy is Nabil Saddiq Abu Saleh al-Jabouri, a close associate of chief ISIS spokesman Abu Mohammed al-Adnani.The raid on ISIS ordered by the Persident, and was led by the Army's Delta Force. The force entered area using Black Hawk helicopters and V-22 aircraft, and engaged the ISIS whom were defending a multistoried building, and Abu Sayyaf was killed during the combat. Several hostages were rescued during the raid.
The event is a supposedly big blow to ISIS. On one hand, Abu Sayyaf is a major financier of ISIS as well as its oil specialist. His death eliminated oil from ISIS's revenue list. On the other hand, Abu Sayyaf, as a major financier of ISIS, supposed to hold an importat list of ISIS income sources. His death opens the way for US army to obtain this list and hence further restrict ISIS's fiancial income. The investigation for this list is still ongoing.

-By Leiyang Guo


The Pope giving sainthood Danyelle Hunt

So in this article the Pope gave Sainthood to two Palestinians women, which is also the first in their generation.  The story of these women were very fascinating.  One of the women made a school for the poor.  The other one who's story was a miracle in itself, was that her throat got slit because she wouldn't convert to Islam.  She mention that she saw her parents in heaven but she heard a voice that said that she is not ready to die yet.  She is called the Virgin there.  I think this is a great thing for the Pope to do, it's just telling the world that not everybody in the middle east is Islamic and that everybody is not crazy.

Burundi Arrests Leaders of Attempted Coup

By: Valarie Owino

After last weeks attempted coup, the generals responsible for the coup were arrested after the presidents return into the country. The resident went on saying that Burundi was back into a state of peace and any more attempts to overthrow the President would result into war. Among those arrested was the army general and other generals. They will be tried in an army court later on.

North Korean Citizen felt like a slave in Kuwait

According to an article from CNN, in 1996 when Rim Il arrived in Kuwait with the hope of earning some money to send back home to his family. This was during a time of great famine in North Korea, and he was being promised bread, eggs, beef, and even milk. Along with this he was expecting to make $120 per month which he would in turn send home to his family. However he never actually received any pay, and most other workers like him never do. It turns our that North Korea has workers abroad which they steal wages from. These workers will almost always have 18+ hour work days, never actually receive compensation, and are treated generally like modern day slaves. This is an issue that a North Korea human rights group (based in South Korea of course) is trying to fight against and get help for the workers.

By Dean Hamrick

China Urged to Release Panchen Lama after 20 years

A large demonstration took place outside the tibetan center in London saturday. Saturday marked the 20th anniversary of the dissapearence of the Panchen Lama who was accosted by the Chinese government just days after being identified as the next lama, the 2nd most important figure in Tibetan Buddhism. The Chinese government named its own Panchen Lama but many tibetans refer to him as a stooge to the chinese government. The chinese government insists that the original Panchen Lama is living a normal life in Beijing with his family but won't reveal any details. The Chinese government continues to refer to the Dalai Lsma as a seperatist despite his campaigns for autonomous rule, not complete independence.

ISIS takes over city of Ramadi

One day after the United States announced the killing of a top ISIS financier , Iraqi officials said the terror group has claimed a victory of its own, seizing the provincial Iraqi capital of Ramadi. Haimor, the spokesman governor of Anbar province claims the fighting left over 500 dead including the 3 year old of an Iraqi soldier.As a result of the ISIS advance, Iraq's Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has authorized Iranian Shiite militias, known as the Popular Mobilization Force, to enter the Sunni-dominated Anbar province and assist Iraq's security forces and local tribal fighters.

Patrick Cravens

Russia to Ban "Undesirable" Foreign Organisations

Russia has proposed a bill that would allow the government to ban foreign organizations if the government thought the organization was a threat to national security. Specifically the bill targets non-governmental organizations (NGOs). However the bill does not clearly define what makes an organization "undesirable."According to the BBC, "a foreigner declared "undesirable" could face a fine of up to 500,000 roubles (£6,343; $10,000) and up to six years in jail." This bill is expected to receive back-lash from the international community as it could cause NGOs like Amnesty International or Greenpeace to be banned from Russia. The bill is also thought to break several international laws.

BBC News:

- Jenn Hoffman

Cuba Ready to Exchange Diplomats, Raúl Castro Says

In the article “Cuba Ready to Exchange Diplomats, Raúl Castro Says” the main idea is that Cuba and the United States are ready to restore full diplomatic ties with one another. That means restoring embassies and also diplomats. On May 29th, 2015, it is expected that Cuba will be removed from the state sponsored terrorist list. However, exchanging ambassadors and diplomats can only happen once Cuba is removed from the list and the U.S. and Cuba make a deal on abilities of the ambassadors. For example, American ambassadors are only allowed to stay within Havana, Cuba. They are not allowed to travel outside of that area. This is probably so they wouldn't see how poor the rest of Cuba is. Something the U.S. would want in the new deal is allow ambassadors to travel anywhere in Cuba they please. The same goes for Cuba though, usually, Cuban diplomats could not travel outside of Washington D.C. or New York if they were there for a United Nations meeting. The most important stipulation of the deal would be building embassies in each other’s nations.

By Josh Hubbs

Key City in Iraq is Captured by ISIS: Ramadi Falls

On Sunday, Ramadi fell captive to the militants of the Islamic State. Officials have reported that the military headquarters were ransacked and Islamic State militants have seized heavy weapons that had recently been sent by Bagdad. The United States is claiming that it is too early to deem Ramadi a fallen city.

Defying U.S., Colombia Halts Aerial Spraying of Crops Used to Make Cocaine

In the article “Defying U.S., Colombia Halts Aerial Spraying of Crops Used to Make Cocaine” the main topic is how Colombia just decided to stop spraying fields with pesticides because it was found that the chemical probably causes cancer. The drug prevention agency in Colombia has been using U.S. aide to help fight the war on drugs for over two decades. But a previously supreme court ruling in Colombia said that if there was ever evidence that the chemical can cause cancer, then they would stop using it. The chemical, glyphosate, is also a key ingredient in the weed killer, Round Up. The agency that sprays the crops with the pesticides says it is sad to give up their tools, but have no choice. What this means for the U.S. is cocaine will become more affordable and accessible because they main way of combating cocaine (pesticides) can no longer be used, thus creating more plants. Even though the U.S. wants Colombia to keep spraying, the U.S. will have to come up with a different strategy to fight the war on drugs so it can keep one of its’ biggest allies in Latin America, Colombia.

By Josh Hubbs

Russian Special Forces Seized in Ukraine

Two Russian special forces troops fighting with the rebels were captured by Ukraine's military, according to Ukraine. Russia denies that they sent troops to aid the rebels in Eastern Ukraine. Ukrainian military police posted a video of the questioning of one of the detained Russian soldiers where he identifies himself as a member of the Russian special forces. The video has not been verified, and Russia has not commented on it. Ukraine and the West claim that Russia has deployed thousands of regular soldiers into Ukraine. The two sides have agreed to a cease-fire since February yet has seen frequent violations.

Mike Bikulcius

Pope Francis call the Palestinian President Abbas "angel of peace"

On a recent trip to attend the canonization of two nuns in Vatican, Palestinian President was handed a medallion by Pope Francis. The Pope held private talks with the president after which he gave him the medal and called the president as the angel of peace. This incident took place days after Vatican moved towards recognizing Palestine as a state- something that has bothered Israel. Moreover, the pope also emphasized that as per the Holy See jurisdiction, they see that the best way to resolve conflict between Israel and Palestine is by recognizing them both as separate and independent states. The growing relations also mean that Vatican shall be responsible for protecting property and civil rights of Catholic Church in the Palestinian territories.
This is an interesting move in my opinion because it may or may not encourage other states to recognize Palestine as an independent state and therefore push for greater protection of human rights in the two states.

Macedonian Protest

On May 13, after  a surveillance scandal the Macedonian PM Nikola Gruevski accepted the resignation of the Interior Minister Ms. Jankulovska, Transport Minister Mile Janakieski, and the intelligence chiefe Mr. Mimalkov. This was after allegations from opposition leaders that these three led government attempts to control the press, as well as judiciary and electoral officials by tapping their phones. The government denies all allegations. Also, in a clash following a police raid in an ethnic Albanian neighborhood, fourteen ethnic Albanians and eight police officers died. Demonstrators demanded the PM's resignation or they will take to the streets on Sunday, May 17.

Today, Sunday May 17, the demonstrators followed up on their threat by holding rally outside the PM's office in the Macedonian capital of Skopje. The demonstrators carry both Albanian and Macedonian flags to show unity. The government claims the demonstration is the opposition's way of destabilizing the country for its own benefit and will be organizing a counter-demonstration for Monday. The opposition leader Zoran Zaev has continued to release recordings accusing the government of wiretapping 20,000 people including politicians, journalists, and even religious leaders. The recordings also accuse corruption at high government levels including mismanagement of funds, dubious criminal prosecutions of opponents, and cover-ups of murders. Zoran Zaev calls for the resignation of the PM and calls for new elections. PM Gruevski accuses Zoran Zaev of organizing a coup on behest of unnamed foreign spy agencies wanting to over through the conservative government. Zoran Zaev says the protest outside the PM's office will stop until the PM resigns.

-Cori Elsesser


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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Vatican Recognizes Palestinian Statehood

The Vatican will formally recognize Palestinian statehood. The Vatican has always held that a two-state   agreement between Palestinians and Israelites is the best option to bring an end to the long fought war between the two groups. Currently, 135 countries recognize Palestine as a state. Pope Francis has angered many Jews and Israelites, yet excited many Arabs. The Pope plans on canonizing a couple Palestinian nuns and will meet with Palestinian authorities then to make the recognition official. Recently, the Pope has made some big news such as urging westerners not to bomb Syria, claiming the killings of Armenians to be a genocide, and helped the US and Cuba create a more amicable relationship.
By Hannah Higgins

Latin American Allies Resist U.S. Strategy in Drug Fight

A major push back is occurring with Latin America. After forty years of harsh regulations that have been brought down by the US on drug production in the lower Americas. Countries like Colombia and Bolivia have begun to disregard the tents of the "War on Drugs". these tents have included things like blocking aerial spraying of coca plants or regulations on marijuana crops. The consensus is that the same tenets and been in place for decades and nothing has changed so the countries might as well reduce the bloodshed and overflowing prisons from resisting the drug trade. Latin American leaders went to the United Nations to call for new approaches to the drug problems, specifically the decriminalization of drug use. This is an example of the US' waning influence over South America. It will be interesting to see what the US will do to attempt to whip Latin America back into the War on Drugs.

-Kevin Nalefski

Deposed Egyptian President Sentenced to Deat

On Saturday the former Egyptian president, Mohamed Morsi, was sentenced to death because of his contributions to the prison break in 2011 during the protests. He and a few other Islamist leaders overran the understaffed guard posts to free the prisoners. Morsi was the first democratically elected president of Egypt but held power for a very short time. He was removed from office by the military in 2013,

Before Morsi was sentenced to death he was also given 20 years in prison for illegal detainment and torture of prisoners. He also has a few other charges that have not been heard in court yet. Interestingly, Morsi's death sentence is still unofficial. He cannot be killed until the Grand Mufti, the top Sunni Muslim authority in Egypt, rules on the sentence. This ruling is scheduled for June 2nd.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Luxembourg Premier Is First E.U. Leader to Marry Same-Sex Partner

Today the Prime Minister of Luxembourg married a male architect from Belgium. This is the first time a leader of the E.U. has married someone of the same sex. Prime Minister Bettel has always downplayed his homosexuality since his coming out in 2008. He made it very clear that he was elected due to his merit and not because people wanted a gay leader.

Luxembourg overruled bans on same-sex marriage less than a year ago, shifting away from their known conservatism. Speculators are now expecting Luxembourg to start shifting more democratic on a number of different social issues, now that Bettel has openly shown his stance on the issues. This has also caused speculation that the Roman Catholic Church will now start to reconsider their stance on the issue.

This is a step in the right direction for equal representation for the citizens of the E.U. and it comes with hope for further progress.

Lauren Edmunds

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Saudi Arabia Promises to Match Iran in Nuclear Capacity

Yesterday and today, President Obama has met with Arab leaders at Camp David. Back in 2012, President Obama said that a nuclear armed Iran would lead to a proliferation of nuclear weapons. Other countries in the region would feel the need to attain nuclear weapons leading to a free for all. Now in 2015, President Obama faces what he predicted back in 2012. Saudi Arabia and other smaller Arab states have vowed to match Iran in the set nuclear capability. Saudi Arabia is years behind Iran in nuclear abilities. This creates the question of how the Saudis will develop their nuclear capabilities since many will not send essential components needed into the Middle East. This leaves only North Korea and Pakistan who have mastered the process of nuclear power. Saudi Arabia and Pakistan do have relations which would make the possibility of going to Pakistan for assistance even larger. President Obama is expected to offer Saudi Arabia and other Arab states some protection, but not much.

 Written by Sarah Prosia

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Afghanistan: 'Five dead' in Kabul siege, including US citizen

A famous Afghan singer, Atlaf Hussain, was supposed to perform at the Palace Park Hotel in Afghanistan when a shooting occurred. Five people were confirmed dead including one US citizen that was at the hotel. After five hours of shooting, the Afghan police finally shot the shooter dead while saving fifty-four people.

Malaysia turns away 500 migrants

In Malaysia this past week the government turned away more than 500 illegal immigrants who were Muslims and Bangladeshis wanting to come over into their country. The Home Minister stated that they can not have immigrants flooding the shore, since they have been humane to them in the past but its time to not let them know their not welcomed anymore. But now theres talk that since these countries are turning away immigrants they are getting stranded in very dangerous oceans with no where to go. Some leaders believe that it is their job to help these immigrants find a new place and lead them in the right direction. Which i agree with you can not just send these people with no where to go. In the last 3 years 100,000 muslims have boarded ships and fled avoiding persecution. No countries want these immigrants because if you accept one of them their will be an overflow of them coming in and wanting citizenship. Since not a lot of countries are taking these migrants captains of ship are starting to leave them to fend for themselves.
T.J. Miller

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Raul Castro: US and Cuba ambassadors to be named soon

According to the Cuban president, the United States and Cuba will appoint ambassadors to the other's country following the official removal of Cuba from the US's state-sponsored terror list at the end of the month. As renewed diplomacy between the two nations continues, both Raul Castro and Barack Obama are hopeful that relations will improve even more. Taking Cuba off the state terrorism list is a major step in restoring relations between the two countries, and renaming ambassadors to each other's embassies is "the next logical step". However, there are still many more steps to go.

Kevin McMahon

Another Earthquake in Nepal

RJ Ramanauskas

This is breaking news this morning. Near 1pm local time, the Nepali people faced another earthquake. Nepal is still recovering from the earthquake in April, and today there was a 7.3 magnitude earthquake. As the day progresses, I'm sure we'll find out more.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Egypt’s Justice Minister Resigns After Saying Sons of Garbage Collectors Cannot Be Judges

Egypt’s Justice Minister Resigns After Saying Sons of Garbage Collectors Cannot Be Judges. The public responded to what he said on all social media, and hashtags are trending on twitter. I would understand what the justice minster said “With all due respect to the garbage collector, and anyone else beneath him or above him, it is necessary for the environmental medium where a judge grows to be suitable,said the Justice Minister. A judge has his highness and position, he must come from a respectable medium, both financially and morally.” But at the same time. We can't judge that person by her/his fathers job. I'm sure that these fathers are working hard to support their family and see their kids better than them. Then why not give them a chance? Most powerful and famous people were homeless. So I kind of understand why the Justice Minister said that, but we all deserve a chance! We are all humans! We all can do great things!

California's drought is Asia's nightmare

Adam Winters

In California, there is a drought ongoing currently and the State is having a hard time managing its water supply.  Across the world though, Asia is also feeling the affects of this drought.  With the economy down in California, things that Asia import from there like walnuts, wine, cheese and even commodities like Silicon Valley high-tech are going to not be as much in supply.  This also means, if California is experiencing a drought, when is Asia a very susceptible location to drought going to experience it also.  Technology to counter climate change is predicted to come out in the coming years.

Why So Many Children are Fighting in Yemen’s Civil War

Young children are fighting in the war in Yemen. Many of the soldiers are between the ages of 13 and 16. The parents of the boy soldiers feel that their sons should be in school and not fighting in Yemen’s civil war. They feel that the boys are much too young to be involved in such violence. One statistic states that nearly one third of the Houthi military force are boys under the age of 18. The children are agreeing to fight in the war since they are receiving benefits. They are told that they will be given money as well as regular meals. Psychologically it is upsetting to the boy soldiers and can be traumatizing. The families of the soldiers may also become dependent on the money the boy soldiers are making, so they may end up supporting their child at war in order to have food and shelter. Some children may be reluctant to return home in order to finish their mission.

Marissa Kulak 

North Korea claims to have successfully tested a ballistic missile

Over the weekend, North Korea has said that they have successfully test-launched a ballistic missile from a submarine. In response to this announcement, a South Korean defense official stated that it is possible for North Korea could have fully operational submarines armed with ballistic missiles in as soon a four to five years. South Korea estimates that the submarines are still in the early stages.

Like always, the level of nuclear weaponry that North Korea actually posses is relatively unknown. Some estimates are that the regime has nuclear warheads that could reach South Korea and Japan when set up to launch from the ground. It is also estimated that North Korea could have as many at 10-15 warheads with an increase in several more a year.

If the announcement made by North Korea is truthful to the last detail, multiple resolutions passed by the U.N. Security Council will have been violated. With this announcement, it leaves one to wonder the true nuclear arsenal that North Korea has, are the numbers understated or overstated. It is unknown to the extent due to the secretive nature of the government.

-Cara Hoover

Chris Christie loves food... And spending taxpayer money

I think anyone who looks at New Jersey governor and GOP presidential hopeful Chris Christie would be hard pressed to imagine him missing many meals and it would be reasonable to assume he loves America's favorite sport of Football. According to an article by the Huffington Post, Mr. Christie spent an estimated $82,000 on concessions at New Jersey's MetLife Stadium (home of the New York Jets and Giants). The Republican party has responded by saying that all $82k has been paid back, but one has to wonder how you can spend $82,000 on concessions in 1 year? We all know that stadium food is not by any means cheap to buy, but spread over 16 games that comes to a little bit more than $5,000 a game. Wow...

Sunday, May 10, 2015

UK Elections

In a surprising end result the Conservative party retained power in Britain but this time with a majority government, this result left many other parties in disseray especially the Labour party, the Liberal Democrats and UKIP (UK Independence Party) all three party leaders have resigned as heads of the parties, leading to a what's next in UK politics.

The surprising result came from a mass supporting of the Scottish National Party claiming all but 3 seats in Scotland, leaving the former Labour (red) territory a sea of yellow. With a conservative government, that traditionally favours middle to upper class which as caused tensions before during the Maggie Thatcher years, many Liberal Democrat and Labour supporters are wondering what is next for them are their benefits safe and most importantly what reforms are going to happen to the NHS.

With several laws being set to pass within the next 100 days in order to surpass any rival party opposition as they will all be getting their own parties in line and as they are a majority government there is no opposition standing in their way, people who rely on government money are upset that their benefits are going to be capped and the middle class celebrating with a tax break there is a large political divide in the UK at the moment which we will have to wait a further 5 years to see how it plays out.

With a Conservative victory comes a decision the people have to make, in or out of Europe in the coming years both the leaders of Europe and the UK government are going to be pitching arguments about why we should stay are why we should go, I personally at the current moment in time believe we should leave the Eurozone however the debates and arguments have not begun yet so we will see how my option lasts until d-day in 2017.

Nicole Meecha

Trial over the death of an Egyptian Activist begins

Back in January, while participating in a peaceful protest on the streets of Cairo, an unarmed activist named Shaimaa al-Sabbagh was shot by an Egyptian policeman. The 32 year old was walking on her way to honor the memory of the events of the 2011 revolution that took place in Tahrir Square. It was on that night when the group she was with was shot on with tear gas and ultimately pellets from a shotgun. One of them hit Ms Sabbagh. The event was caught on video and went viral causing outrage.She was shot by a police lieutenant named Yassin Hatem Salaqhedeen, who was charged with manslaughter.
The Trial resumes May 14th.
The moral of this event is this, the tactics being pursued by the Egyptian Police has been highly criticized. This death along with nearly 1,150 other protesters occurred in July-Augest of 2013. What is of concern here is that peaceful protests are still being infringed upon by the government. The human right to a peaceful protest is still being violated.\

-Cara Hoover