Sunday, June 4, 2017

Trump Starts Taking Swings At Germany

MILITARY? NATO? TRADE DEFICIT? Under the control of Trump, we have seen our foreign relations start to erode with other foreign leaders (well I mean except Russia). Currently Trump is trying to call out Germany's chancellor Angela Merkel and Germany's trade policies. He seems uninformed when it comes to knowing about these policies. To the point where he accuses, under direction from his trade advisor, that Germany wants a weak Euro. When in actuality, that is not the case at all. Trump is worried about German trade policies, just as Obama was. But they are worried for different reasons. Trump still fails to have a comprehensive enough grasp on how foreign trade and policy works. Instead, he still seems to be thinking like a business in black and white. When in reality, foreign trade is not like that. There is a casual reasons for world leaders to be concerned with Germany, but they aren't necessarily the same reasons that Trump is concerned. In my opinion, Trump needs to really get an understanding on trade before he goes on Twitter and starts trying to bash all of these countries. He needs to understand the more pots he tries to piss in, the more trouble he is going to get the US in.
Kaitlyn Roybal

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