Sunday, September 24, 2017

Canada's Sanctions against Venezuela's Government (Genesis Thomas)

On Friday, Canada announced that they will put sanctions in place against the senior members of Venezuela's government. The sanctions are to counteract the anti-democratic regime that Nicolas Maduro has set up with the constituent assembly as a way to cling to power. Canada said, "it will not stand silently" with the growing unrest in Venezuela that has deteriorated the nation's democracy. There have been scores of anti-government protests however, none have been effective since the constituent assembly is filled with pro-government supporters. This government is not recognized by the US, EU, or other Latin American countries. Also, in August the US placed economic sanctions targeting the Venezuelan government. Canada foreign affairs prime minister, Chrystia Freelandhas said that "the announcement of sanctions against the Maduro regime underscores our commitment to defending democracy and human rights around the world."
-Genesis Thomas

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