Sunday, September 25, 2016

Egyptian Migrant Boat Sinking

                 A boat carrying migrants, from regions of North Africa and the Middle East, tragically sank off the coast of Egypt and resulted in the deaths of 162 people onboard.  The death toll continues to rise since the incident took place, on the 21st of September.  The vessel was illegally transporting nearly 600 migrants/refugees to Europe, the majority of whom were seeking asylum from the inhumanities displayed in their countries.  Interviews given to the survivors of the tragedy, unveiled that the smugglers operating the boat were forcibly charging the migrants extra money for the purchase of a lifejacket.  According to the article, only in the last two years, 10,000 plus people have perished crossing the Mediterranean Sea toward Europe.  It is undeniable, unfortunately, that more of these refugees/migrants will end up dying in their search for freedom from oppression. The conflict is one that can not be easily combatted or diminished and that is truly what makes the circumstances even more dire.

-Jaedyn Krebs-Carr

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