Sunday, September 25, 2016

Irish abortion laws: Protests held across the world

This story caught my attention initially on Twitter via #repealthe8th on Saturday when the primary march in Dublin took place. "#repealthe8th" refers to Ireland's 8th Amendment in their Constitution which forbids abortion. In 2013 a ban on the practice was removed so that it is legal if the mother's life is at risk. Protesters are calling for a repeal of  the 8th Amendment, and it's becoming hard to ignore them since they have gone global. According tot the article, this movement is now global with 20 other worldwide cities including Melbourne, Berlin, and London participating in marches and protests. People in Ireland are on both sides of the debate with religion playing a big role in people opinions. However, the Prime Minister Enda Kenny will hold a citizens' assembly next month to discuss the possibility of a vote to change the abortion laws.

-AC Christopherson

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