Thursday, September 22, 2016

Russia may have used its Backup plan

With the shaky cease fire in tatters, Russia may have just made matters even worse.  They have deployed one of their aircraft carriers to the waters off the waters of Syria's coast.  John Carrey spoke out against Russia's actions.  This will make the ceasefire much harder to up hold, and all the while it is already going very wrong very quickly. There have already been many cases of violence amplifying in Syria and its only a few weeks old at this point.  Furthermore, the US has come forward as saying that Russia was the one that bombed the aid convoy heading to Aleppo.   The article on CNN's website had this quote, The United States has reached the preliminary conclusion that Russian warplanes bombed the aid convoy, US officials have told CNN, and say that Russia is responsible, whether it was Russian planes -- or the Syrian regime's -- that struck."  So, things do not look optimistic for the ceasefire.

John Carmody

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