Sunday, September 25, 2016

Mexico town women vote locally for first time

Although women have been able to vote in major presidential elections since the year of 1953, there are still towns in Mexico that hold on to traditional law. Towns such as Oaxaca, Mexico still hold men-only voter lists. A group of 11 women in Guevea de Humboldt went up against the law in a regional court. 500 out of 5,000 women turned out to vote at the polls. An interviewee, Catalina Martinez Jimenez was able to cast her vote at the age of 75. Though, she believed in it 
"being a miracle from God," she is not so sure whether she will be there for the next election. However, it seems as though in this day and age that women would feel liberalized, there are still some that hold on to those traditional methods. 

Alexa Ortiz

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