Sunday, September 18, 2016

The EU is Locked in a Toxic Crisis

The EU is trying to decide what to do after Britain decided to leave the union. The collective action problems that the EU has worked together against have gotten a bit larger since their is not another country helping to solve the problem. Some major issues that the EU works together to solve are immigrants who arrive to the continent, problems with ISIS from the south, and Russian aggression from the east. There isn't always one solution to these problems as  the EU sometimes lacks authority, but they can require agreement between the nation’s capitals and the power of the EU is decreased since there is one less nation involved. In the EU’s state of the address this week, the president emphasized on the need to rally up more states in to help their cause because with just their current constituents, it would be hard to get any action done. It will be interesting to see where the EU goes from here and where they will end up. Will this split make the EU stronger as time goes on or will it continue to weaken?

Lauren Whelan 

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