Friday, September 30, 2016

Trump Speaks at Bolingbrook Golf Club Wednesday

Donald Trump spoke at Bolingbrook Golf Club for a campaign fundraiser this last Wednesday. Supporters flocked to the event, and total funds raised totaled over two million dollars. The event was closed to the public, and lines of protestors wrapped around Rodeo Road outside of the venue. Local business woman and attendee, Kelley Speck commented that, “Trump is direct and blunt, and that’s not for everyone.” Indeed, many of Trump’s supporters at the fundraiser felt alienated in the campaign’s early days, describing how they were called “racists” when exposing their support for Trump to friends and colleagues. Tensions were high around the the board, and secret service worked in tandem with Bolingbrook police to keep protesters under wraps. As the polls close, Trump and Hillary are working specific states in order to win the election -- possibly by a landslide. The question is, what future will America choose, come Nov. 8?
-Nicole Simos

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