Sunday, September 18, 2016

ICC Deems Destruction of Environment A Crime

The International Criminal Court has expanded its range of power in a new area of rulings; at least by one perspective. In a progression of focus, the ICC has decided that destruction of the environment by government and power groups can and will be deemed a war crime. Alex Whiting, a professor at Harvard Law School told the Washington Post that he did not see this ruling as an expansion of power, but rather elevating focus on an area that has been relatively left untouched. Within the article written by Rowena Lindsay of the Christian Science Monitor, the idea is thought to be that the ICC will be capable of expanding who could be tried for crimes. Even with the destruction of the environment being catastrophic enough, the methods of destruction used, like land grabs or water poisoning, often catch the lives of innocent people in the middle--only adding to the criminal nature of such acts.

-Ben Ubert

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