Sunday, September 18, 2016

ISIS wing claims responsibility for Minnesota mall attack

The terrorism group The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, better yet known as ISIS, is laying claim to the man responsible for attacking and stabbing 9 people at Crossroads Mall in Minnesota last Saturday night (Sept. 17). According to CNN, an ISIS-linked news agency identified the attacker as "a soldier of the Islamic state". The ISIS-linked news agency, Amaq, released a statement online Sunday, which has followed a trend of ISIS-related media claiming responsibility of individual attacks all throughout Europe over the last few months. CNN has not yet been able to confirm the claim. The individual involved in the stabbing has not yet been identified, and was ultimately gunned down by off-duty police officer Jason Falconer. For the time being, until the investigation can conclude why the attack happened, the FBI is labeling this incident "a potential act of terrorism". According to the report, the attacker obtained a private security company uniform, proceeded to enter the mall at about 8 pm Eastern time, made a reference to Allah then asked one individual if he was Muslim. Shortly thereafter, the attacks began. Police say the assailant had been previously stopped before but only for minor traffic violations, none of which led to an arrest.

-Chase Gozdziak

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