Sunday, November 6, 2016

15 Arrests in Greece

Fifteen nationalist members were arrested in Athens because they were protesting against the first state-sponsored mosque. Out of all of the European Union capitals, Athens is the only one that does not have a mosque. With the increase of migrants, the state feels a mosque is now required. This is making many of the Greeks upset, particularly these nationalists, because they want to maintain the traditional Greek values. They feel that the increase in Muslim will disrupt the purity.  The mosque construction is worth 887 million euros. I'm surprised with how much Greece is helping migrants and refugees despite their economic problems. Many Greek citizens are also upset with the state allowing refugee children to attend public schools. Similar to the religion situation, Greeks want to keep their education pure. They feel that diversity will taint their system.

This protest was not huge. It was small in size but it gained attention because it received support from far-right groups such as the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn. The protest is said to have occurred because citizens feel that Greece is neglecting their own homeless people and helping the refugees more. According to Kostis Papaioannou, the general secretary of Greece's Justice Ministry, this protest seemed similar to previous hate manifestations.

--Jazmin Galindo

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