Monday, November 7, 2016

Russia Abuses Legal Forces to Take Out its Political Foes

A recent case has come up in Russia in which Nikita Kulachenkov, a Russian forensic accountant, is being pursued by Russia for allegedly stealing a street art drawing worth $1.55. Facing trumped up charges from Russia, Nikita fled to Lithuania where he was stopped and interrogated by immigration officials. Russia had sent out a wanted notice for Nikita to 50 countries through the international police organization, interpol, without its permission. Russia has been known to overlook the theft of billions of dollars by the political elite which is why it is odd that it is choosing to harass one individual for such a minimal amount of money. This is an example of Russia abusing organizations like interpol and the courts of other nations to go after its political enemies. Russia has also been known to use the courts of other nations to tie up those it does not like in legal and financial matters. This can only happen because of the anarchic state of international relations. There is not a centralized, powerful authority to check Russia and stop it from bullying other states into turning over its political enemies. As a result, Russia is steadily attempting to and succeeding in stretching its legal power.

-Mynk R..C    

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