Sunday, November 6, 2016

Forget the Cost to the Candidates. This Campaign’s Cost America More.

"Much of the world is no longer in awe of you." This was said by Lyall Mercer, a managing director of a PR company in Australia. The effects of this election have utterly shattered the United States's once respected powerhouse status as a country. External countries around the world are looking at our potential presidential candidates and wondering how we ended up with Trump and Clinton. Between the scandals and nationwide disapproval this begs an important question. How did the powerful hegemonic United States end up having to choose between two widely disliked candidates? These are two potential leaders that have gained political advantages through inherited wealth or essentially a monarchic system. This brings up the question of who is being elected into positions of power and why they are being elected. Is the United States transitioning into an oligarchic or monarchic political system right before our eyes?

-Drew Truckenmiller

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