Tuesday, November 1, 2016

First Lady of Nicaragua Aims to Take Over!

In Nicaragua, President Daniel Ortega has been leading politics for 3 consecutive terms. The Ortega family has become a very powerful presence in Nicaragua over the years with far reaching influences in fuel companies, TV stations, and other areas. First Lady Rosario Murillo lead the Ortega takeover and gained much influence and many followers over the course of her husband's presidency. As of now, she is reported to have even more followers and support than her husband. Murillo also demonstrates leadership qualities in line with past strong female figures. According to her daughter, First Lady Murillo will and has done anything necessary to obtain what she wants. She has been known to clash with other male officials in the government and even fire those that disagree with her. One by one, Murillo took out members of her husband's inner circle and anyone who opposed him in order to consolidate Ortega family power. Murillo is a strong, cold, calculating figure that inspires fear and respect in men and women alike. Some are worried at how much power the Ortega family is building and what Murillo may do with more power.

-Mynk R.C.


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