Sunday, November 13, 2016

World Leaders Offer Mixed Reactions to Donald Trump's Election Victory

Businessman Donald Trump has claimed victory in the United States' historic presidential election, against the odds predicted by pre-election polls. The majority of world leaders gave optimistic statements in reaction to this result, saying that they look forward to working with the next president of the United States. Notably, however, many of these optimistic messages did not offer congratulations to the new president-elect. Some of those that made positive statements included some global centers of power. The leaders of China, the United Kingdom, Japan, and Turkey all congratulated Trump on his victory, with the leaders of Russia, Canada, and Mexico stating that they were looking forward to working with the next president's administration, while stopping short of congratulations. The leaders of Russia, China, and India, three of the world's fastest developing nations, spoke of their desires to improve relations between the United States and their own respective countries, particularly in trade. The leaders of Israel, Venezuela, the Czech Republic, and the Philippines were all particularly pleased with the result, with the President of the Czech Republic praising Trump for avoiding "political correctness" and Israeli leaders hoping that Trump's win will be favorable for Israel in their conflict with Palestine. Other foreign leaders gave statements that did not hide their displeasure or skepticism at the election's result. The President of France said that the victory "opens a period of uncertainty." President Hassan Rouhani of Iran made a firm statement that Trump's victory will not have any impact on Iran's policies. President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia stated that she is "extremely saddened" by Trump's victory, due to her fear that trade deals with the US and Africa will now suffer. The Prime Minister of Denmark urged Danes to give Trump "the benefit of the doubt" while the Swedish Prime Minister says that Swedes were "prepared" for it, suggesting that they braced for an undesired result. These mixed reactions raise anticipation for Trump's performance as the leader of the most powerful nation on Earth.

Justin Wysocke

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