Sunday, November 13, 2016

The Bataclan of Today

A year after the terror attack on the French music venue, the Bataclan, the Christian Science Monitor had journalist Sara Miller Llana interview locals about feelings since the attack, and those since. On the qualitative data side, Llana noticed a very somber mood in the area of Paris. There is a memorial in front of the venue, and locals have said they view the location as a place to think. The venue just opened again on November 12, with none other than former Police frontman and now solo artist Sting as the first to play since the attack. However, the significance of the venue reopening has shown a very distinct policy of France to be wary of threats, but to not allow fear to change the lifestyle of its people. Locals say they still are wary, and often have thoughts attacks, but the attitude of the people is set on rebuilding and taking care of those affected by last year's Bataclan attack and the others since. Policy in France still is working to deal with the attacks in relation to other states, but on the inside, rebuilding shows that life does go on for those that have suffered before and that healing can take place.

Benjamin Ubert

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