Sunday, November 6, 2016

Cold Piece?

The Bulgarian President Roven Plevneliev recently released a statement saying that Bulgaria and in fact all of Europe are facing a "Cold Peace."  He focused on talking about how Russia tries to influence Bulgaria's elections that are taking place this year.   Plevneliev says that Russian hackers are to blame for a cyber attack that took place during the election.  He says in this article, "The threat now is less about Russian tanks invading Europe and more about Russian influence dividing the Continent, he argues."  This is exactly it Russia no longer has the military might to throw their weight around in Europe anymore. So, they try and push their way into dividing Europe again threw things like cyber attacks and messing with local and national elections.  The United States has released a statement that this is most likely the ones behind it. 

John Carmody

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