Thursday, November 10, 2016

The Dutch with a bold strategy

As has been talked about many times before Russia moved a carrier  force to the shores off the coast of Syria.   They are there to support Russian bombing against Syrian rebels.  It was a very aggresive by the Russians and it made much of the EU and Nato very angry.   Now it appears the Dutch have made things in the area even more tense because according to a report two Russian anti submarine ships had to chase a Walrus Class sub away from the Admiral Kuznetsov.  Neither side is giving details of the account, and the countries will not even say the exact place this happened.  A Defense Alliance did say that the submarines have been tracking the Russian ships for a number of days.  But, as Jaime Karrema, an expert onDutch Marine said that it was very surprising that a submarine sent on a mission to be secret would be detected.  So, it is unclear what happened in the ocean of the coast of Syria, but it was something. 

John Carmody

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