Sunday, November 20, 2016

Everything Will Be Okay

The new president of the United States has people all over the world concerned, specifically the racial groups he has targeted. Soon-to-be former president Barrack Obama tried to alleviate that cognitive dissonance that Latin America has. On Saturday, he spoke with a group of students and young leaders from Latin America, as part of his last trip overseas as president. He talked about trade policies and Donald Trump's allegations of closing up borders. Many fear that he will end trade with some countries, but Obama reassured that once Trump how the trade benefits both countries, he'll just leave it as is. Obama stated that the world is too interconnected nowadays for a leader to focus only on its nation because every decision a leader makes will affect another nation. He also talked about restoring ties with Cuba earlier in his campaign, but who knows if it will really happen. Obama believes that the relations between Latin America and the United States should not change much. He said "the best way for my daughters to be secure in America is to make sure people in Guatemala or El Salvador are also feeling secure because if they're not, that may spill over the border to us". I like his point of view and I agree with it. The gang violence in Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras has gotten out of control. People's lives are in danger. I found it interesting that people are also arguing that democracy does not work well with development. Obama defended that by saying that democratic countries perform better than non-democratic parties.

--Jazmin Galindo

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