Monday, November 14, 2016

'Running among bullets': Mosul Families tell of Desperate Flight from ISIS

Families trying to leave Mosul to escape the conflict with ISIS are packed into trucks. Children are passed along and put into the truck, while others, like mothers, grandmothers and sisters, climb in and pack the trucks tight. There is no sitting in these trucks. Now these people are safe, where hours earlier they were making the treacherous walk through the eastern part of the city, where Iraqi forces are trying to force their way back in. One woman says that when she was walking with four children, trying to make their way towards the area with trucks, they walked through showers of bullets, trying to make it to the area safe. Half of her home was destroyed after mortar rounds started hitting her house. Women are leaving behind their husbands, whom will be screened at another location to weed out any possible members of ISIS that are hiding among the civilians, and many of these women do not want to be separated from their husbands, because they do not feel safe spending the night with their children in the camps without them.

-Allie Downer

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