Sunday, November 6, 2016

New Delhi Crippled by Pollution, Forcing Closure of Schools

     India's capital has announced a plan to combat the increased pollution. The unclean air has reached dangerous levels, leading to the closure of schools, halting of construction, and an order for all roads to be doused with water to prevent dust from filling the air. The levels of pollution have reached over 900 micrograms per meter in the air. That is 90 times the safe level of particulate matter considered safe by the World Health Organization.

    The city's commissioner has also a coal fueled plant will be shut off for 10 days. The government has tried many different ways to limit pollution such as stricter Emission norms, and a tax on diesel-fueled trucks that enter the city. The Centre for Science and Environment says that government data shows smog covering the city throughout the week is the worst in 17 years

-Mohammed Khan

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