Sunday, November 6, 2016

Iran's Latest Propaganda Tool.

Iran has taken on a new approach to propaganda. The Iranian state television, typically a representation of Islamic conservative ideologies, aired all three presidential debates. The state television in Iran is typically very strict on what it chooses to air. High ranking officials and hardline conservatives in the state wanted to American political process to speak for itself. One state official said, "The best way to prove that the U.S. government is corrupt and hideous is by showing these people on our live tv". The state did, however, leave the criticisms of Iran that happened during the debates untranslated. One other American TV show that is allowed to air in Iran is "House of Cards". This is aired for the very same reason that the debates were allowed to air. House of Cards, or "House of Straw", the name of the show in Iran because cards are un-islamic. Depicts the deplorable nature of American Politics.

  Rodney Ross

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