Sunday, November 20, 2016

Populism Abroad: Italy and The U.S. Election

In an article for The Christian Science Monitor, written by David Iaconangelo, there is an exploration of Italy's latest political developments. Following in a very close pattern with other European and United States influence, Italy has decided upon a constitutional overhaul referendum popular vote on December 4th. This could potentially change the very structure of the country's political system. However, opposition found in the form of The Five Star Movement--the native populist movement--is stepping up effort to keep the referendum from passing. It is curious how close the movement in Italy resembles the movement in the United States. The demographic is nearly the same-- mostly white, less educated, and in a lower socioeconomic status. The movement is even led by someone with no prior political experience, an Italian comedian. The trend of former fringe populist groups gaining political momentum is something to be noted as politics continue through Europe over the next months and years.

Benjamin Ubert

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