Saturday, November 5, 2016

DiCaprio Documentary Urges Stopping "The Ivory Game"

The recently debuted Netflix documentary "The Ivory Game" brings the topic of elephant poaching back in the discussion. An elephant is killed every 15 minutes and it's forecast that half of all elephants will be wiped out within the next 5 years. "It's a horrific sight, and something that stays with you," says the director. "But what's more powerful and gets you more emotional is seeing the faces of the guys we were filming... for them it's like a lost child." But for poachers, it's an issue of economic profit.They actually want the extinction of elephants because the less elephants there are, the higher the price of ivory will rise. Another issue here, says the producers, is the audience of the film. They want the film to reach China, however Netflix doesn't operate in that country. Hopefully, somehow, the film will make it to China and they will help aid in the fight to stop ivory poaching.

Alex Khatcherian

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