Sunday, November 20, 2016

Mexico Urges Migrants to Keep Calm

Mexico has issued an eleven point plan addressing fearful Mexicans after the election of President elect Donald J. Trump. While the plan does not address Trump by name, it urges migrants not to be afraid because the Mexican government will be there for them in these times of uncertainty. In a meeting between Trump and officials from the Mexican government earlier in the year, the two parties disputed over who will pay for the wall. The Mexican President has also stated that the Mexican people feel hurt by some of the comments Mr. Trump has made about Mexicans being "rapists and drug dealers". The banks have also announced another key move to brace for life under the rule of Trump. The bank has announced it will raise interest rates which is not good news for the Mexican economy. Their economy has been struggling and it appears it will continue to slump.

Alex Khatcherian

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