Sunday, October 30, 2016

‘Why? Why? Why?’ Man Asks, Stabbing U.S. Embassy Guard in Kenya

Thursday afternoon in Nairobi, Kenya a man was shot outside of the United States Embassy after stabbing an on duty guard in the face. This part of Kenya isn't known as the safest place, but this was in the middle of the day outside one of the most protected buildings in East Africa. Authorities are not sure about the motives of this incident. Witnesses saw the man go up to the officer shouting “why? why? why?” before stabbing him in the face. There was a struggle before shots were fired from the officer under attack and other officers rushed over. Americans inside the embassy were told to duck and cover under their desks and to stay away from windows. The attacker was shot multiple times and pronounced dead on the scene. Investigators are still trying to figure out if the man acted alone against one of the officers, or if this was an attack on the embassy. 

Lauren Whelan

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