Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Next Rwanda?

By Emily Canaday

"Never again" is happening again.
Civilian Muslims in western CAR are even now being targeted by militant Christian groups, with what analysts are calling a definite intention of eliminating the Islamic minority from the country- either by forced migration or by murder. The violence is justified, from the Christian perspective, by the supposed role of Muslims in the ousting of the former President last year by a religiously-affiliated rebel group. The Muslim Selenka held power in this part of CAR for more than ten months, and engaged in raping, looting, and violence of their own against the Christian majority- but now the tables have turned, and the country is in danger of spiraling into an endless cycle of "ethno-religious" revenge killings.

Rights groups say that an international peace-keeping force putting boots on the ground, alongside French and African Union forces, is needed to bring about an end to the indiscriminate violence, after which point religious points of tension can be addressed.

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