Thursday, November 2, 2017

North Korea poses threat to 'entire world', says US

This article talks about how the US still believes that North Korea and Kim Jung-In still pose a major threat to not only the United States but also the world. President Trump is going on a campaign across Asia where he will visit the countries pver there such as Japan, China, and South Korea and he will reiteriate how much of a threat North Korea is and the fact that they must be stopped. In the article it says that Preident Trump, "will stop at nothing to denuclearize the North Korean state". In my opinion I believe this is a smart move of President Trump. I still believe North Korea is one of the largest threats to the US because they have shown that they will stop at nothing to build a ballistic missile capable of reaching the US mainland. Once North Korea has that power who knows who else they will actually use their weapons of mass destruction on.

Ryan Barbarek

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