Sunday, October 23, 2016

The Dangers of Hillary Clinton: As the Election Draws Near

As the U.S election has indeed captivated not only the United States attention, but the world's, it seemed apt to post about an interesting article concerning the outcome of the election, just weeks before it actually takes place.

The New York Times published an article Friday by Ross Douthat entitled "The Dangers of Hillary Clinton." Although it sounds like a run of the mill article bashing the would-be Clinton administration, Douthat makes an intriguing point: although Trump is a terrifying selection, Clinton is a true byproduct of elitist groupthink, traditionally following the common (or accepted) train of thought on foreign and domestic policy. Some points the article brings up are her stances over the years on the Iraq war, and Russian conflict. With each swing of popular thought, her own platform has shifted incredibly. 

Douthat points out that although Trump supporters are almost admitting as much as "we've tried sane, now let's try crazy," Clinton really may be- more of the same. 

Please see the link below to read the full article! It goes further in depth, and is a quick read.
-Nicole Simos

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