Sunday, October 9, 2016

Hillary and Trump and Russia?

Yes there seems to be one more player in the reality TV show that is now called the United States Presidential race.  Now along with Trump and Hillary going back and forth it appears that Russian Hackers might be trying to medal with the election. It appears that Russian Hackers have hacked into the Democratic National Committee and the Democratic Congressional Campaign.   These are very interesting attacks because this is the first time that Russian Hackers have gone after the US elections as a whole.  They usually hit strategic targets like security and economic threats to Russia itself.  But, this appears to be an attack on the way the US government is set up in itself.  The US believes that this attack could have only go through with the backing and authority of high ranking Russian leaders.  A member of Obama's staff said in an interview that it will not make public what the US plans to do to react to Russia's new attack.  They might impose more sanctions on Russia as well, but they also said that their retaliation might never be made public because it might be done behind close doors.  The US has already had very strained relations with Russia it will be interesting to see how we respond.

John Carmody

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