Sunday, October 9, 2016

Phillipines President Duterte orders the U.S out of the country

     The president of Philippines Rodrigo Duterte ordered a stop to a military alliance between his country and the U.S Military that has existed for 65 years. The defense minister of Philippines, Delfin Lorenzana says that the U.S will now not be able to carry out its military exercises in the Philippines. The U.S is supposed to conduct 28 joint military exercises with the Philippines under a defence treaty from 1951. However, this move has put a stop to those plans.

      Duterte also says, "For as long as I am there, do not treat us like a doormat because you'll be sorry for it. I will not speak with you. I can always go to China." The U.S military alliance also provides 50 to 100 million dollars for the Phillipines annually. Lorenzana says that he will ask the Philippines congress to compensate for the loss of said revenue and contact Russia or China to do the same. A spokeswoman at the U.S embassy in Manila has responded with "Frankly, it seems at odds with the warm relationship that exists between the Filipino and American people and the record of important cooperation between our governments."

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