Sunday, October 23, 2016

Refugee Burning in France

France has become a very important topic in the world today in terms of the way Islamic Refugees are interacting with the French Culture.  What we have been seeing over the is very similar to the Clash of Civil Civilizations by Samuel Huntington.  There have been a few cases in France such has the Paris terror attack and the Charlie Hebdo attacks.  This article focuses on the closing of a camp in Calais.  This camp is home to migrants and refugees, and is known for having living conditions that are well bellow human and being over crowded.  There are about between 6,400 and 8,100 people living in this small camp.  So, France is putting an end to the camp and that the people who live there will get on buses and be transported to multiple different areas in France and some people are even going to England for relocation.  There are many complaints that the French plan saying that it was to quickly done and it is not done well.  So, it will be very interesting to see how the moving people out of the camp has an effect of France and if we see more or less violence from it.

John Carmody

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