Sunday, October 30, 2016

Seeking Clues to ISIS Strategy in Corpses and Cellphones Left in Kirkuk

Eighty-four deaths of the ISIS militants occurred in Kirkuk, Iraq during an attack initiated by the Islamic State. The Kurdish counterterrorism forces led by Polad Talabani are now responsible for gathering intel from the fallen terrorists' cellphones and belongings. So far there has not been any key information that has been released to the press. The initial outcome of the attack showed the Islamic State's political motives to rally its followers. A video was posted on YouTube showing the ISIS militants celebrating their supposed victory in Kirkuk. Kurdish forces retaliated with helicopter reign and gunfire on ISIS militants. One of ISIS's goals was to continue the ongoing tension between the Kurds and Arabs living in Kirkuk. Sheltered Arabs had to evacuate Kirkuk and the Kurds even believed that some of the refugees were terrorists. This claim was later announced as false. Governor of Kirkuk, Najmiddin Karim, gave a resonating quote regarding the war on terrorism. "If there is no solution to the political problems, they will just go back and become Al Qaeda, or Ansar al-Sunna or Naqshbandi... I don’t think it is going to end. There has to be political reconciliation, and it has not happened.”


-Drew Truckenmiller

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