Sunday, October 9, 2016

Nigeria Anti-Corruption Raids on Judges

        Nigeria's security agency, after extensive surveillance and ongoing investigation, carried out raids on judges whom were thought to be corrupt.  Several Nigerian judges have been accused of a variety of crimes within the courts; whether it be taking large monetary bribes or approving unauthorized release of offenders whom were close to these judges.  What makes these accusations even more shocking, is the fact that these judges represent those within Nigeria's highest courts, even some within the Supreme Court.  While many of these raids were effective, representatives from Nigeria's security agency acknowledge the fact that the corruption throughout the country, especially in relation to their judicial system, is a very real and pervasive problem.  The steps taken to help solve this issue, and those similar to it, will undoubtedly be crucial in the resolving of these problems in the future.

-Jaedyn Krebs-Carr

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