Monday, October 24, 2016

Growing Deserts in China

Almost 20% of China is desert and this percentage is only increasing. China's deserts are expanding at alarming rates, and the Chinese government is scrambling to find a way to halt this process. The spread of desert land in China is making areas uninhabitable and causing issues of drought. People living on the edge of desert land are being relocated, and farmers living on the edge of deserts are having to sell their livestock to survive. The government is encouraging farmers to sell their livestock and move for fear that grazing has contributed to the desertification of the land. China's desert, the Tengger desert, is expanding so fast that it is close to merging with 2 other deserts nearby. This could lead to even more problems for China. The desert issue in China makes a very strong argument for the existence of climate change and the devastating effects it could have on the rest of the world.

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