Sunday, October 23, 2016

Venezuela opposition puts pressure on President Maduro

Venezuelan congressmen put President Nicolas Maduro under more pressure by voting to put him on trial for violating democracy. Congressmen said Maduro had "broken constitutional law and carried out a coup d'etat", in a special session. This occurred days after officials blocked a popular vote on removing President Maduro from power. Ruling party officials accuse the opposition of fraud while collecting signatures needed for the referendum. The problem in Venezuela is a split government making it hard for any action to take place since the Congress is dominated by opposition parties, and the government and the Supreme Court have "systematically undermined the legislature". Political tensions are high in part because of  "an unprecedented economic crisis which has led to shortages of basic goods and medicines", which it's oil wealth can't seem to save. Maduro realizes, "the revolution will continue to win despite the constant pretentions of the right which is trying to take over power by unconstitutional means". This will create social unrest soon since the opposition has called for a peaceful mass protest across Venezuela on Wednesday in which they say they will "retake Venezuela step by step".

-AC Christopherson 


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