Sunday, October 23, 2016

Cyber warfare: The new international warfront
Robert Tomaszewski
In the article the U.S. is seen as lagging behind in its recruitment of U.S. hackers. Brett Scott the cofounder of the Arizona Cyber Warfare Range said "The US has a very backwards idea towards hackers. Russia, China, and even ... countries like Iran are offering them huge amounts of money, luxurious cars, and nice flats." The U.S. government is still seeking to jail these individuals instead of hiring them.
The government still wants to discourage cyber militias from attacking its adversaries in order to prevent retaliatory hacking. On the international scale hacking presents a delicate problem because there are a larger number of dangerous individuals than say, nations with nukes. The article also details how the FBI bust of the Playpen dark web site might be a blow to the fourth ammendment, because of the cyber equivilancy of search and seizure which was used. Overall the article's main theme is summed up in a quote it uses from a hacker. "World War III is already here, and it's happening on the internet,"

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