Sunday, October 30, 2016

Corruption Arrest in El Salvador

Corruption in the world of politics comes with no surprise.  When officials get caught, they're in for a surprise. Tony Saca and two of his friends,were arrested at one of his childen's wedding on Saturday.  Saca, a former president of El Salvador and a radio sports announcer, was arrested for money laundering, illicit enrichment, and unlawful association. Elmer Charlaix was Saca's former private secretary and also accused of stealing money. He turned himself in. Charlaix and Saca both have millions of dollars that they cannot explain where it comes from. What's surprising and not surprising at the same time is that why would a country trust a former radio sports announcer to run for president in the first place? But I guess in countries like El Salvador, where resources are scarce and the crime and violence is high, people don't care about whether or not the candidate is qualified. They just want to survive. The fact that they arrested him at one of his children's wedding also sounds like it would be a good scene in a telenovela. Also, the article states that when  Charlaix turned himself in, he said "I have come to face the accusations against me". That's a little dramatic. It kind of makes me wonder if officials decided to arrest him at that time and place for publicity.

--Jazmin Galindo

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