Sunday, October 30, 2016

Lithuania issues manual on what to do if Russia invades

European powerhouse Lithuania is showing Russia they are ready for a fight by issuing an updated version of their public manual on how to resist an invasion. The previous entry was titled: "Prepare to survive emergencies and war: a cheerful take on serious recommendations." The handbook features pictures of Russian vehicles and weapons, as well as information on first aid and survival skills. Russia has a history of invading its smaller neighbors (in other words, all of its neighbors), so Lithuanian fears are very much justified. While public awareness and information is important, the work is just as much a reminder to our good friend Vladimir that Lithuania will not just accept a Soviet Russian invasion. Lithuania is a member of NATO. While the treaty ensures its independence in theory, a popular fight by Lithuanians against Russian invaders could help to motivate a strong NATO response for a nation that many people could not find on a map. You can view the previous version of the handbook in its native Lithuanian on the CNN website. It has enough pictures to give you a good feel for what it's all about.

-Clayton Bailey

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