Friday, October 14, 2016

IS Militants Attack on Egypt

Egypt is a less talked about place in terms of Islamic State and its attacks to try and make its own state.  This attack came from fifteen militants attacked a security bases in the Sinai Peninsula.  This region has been problematic for the Egyptian Government in the past.   The area has seen many different groups in its history.  Before the Islamic State group took power there was a group that supported Israel, and fought with that.  Then the new group came into power and they pledged their allegiance to ISIS.  They then started to fire small arms and bombs into Israel.  Most recently they have started to attack Egyptian security forces in the area.  This recent attack was done against a security force by fifteen militants with small arms and heavy machine gun fire.  These attacks are happening because the group has vowed to make an Islamic State Province in the area of Egypt.  This just shows how although the Islamic State in Syria is decreasing due to bombing and fighting, they are still a powerful movement.  

John Carmody 

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