Sunday, October 30, 2016

Sudan's FM: 'ICC is a court built to indict Africans'
Robert Tomaszewski
 Sudanese President Omar Hassan al-Bashir was the first person to be charged by the International Criminal Court for the crime of genocide. The Foreign Minister  Ibrahim Ghandour maintains that peaceful dialogue is going on despite claims from critics that the government is keeping participants in that dialogue in check. Ghandour also deflected questions about the genocide by calling the ICC "a political organ of the E.U." He also accused the court of being built to indict Africans. Bashir will not appear in court because Sudan is not party to the Rome treaty, according to Ghandour. The ICC has said it is suspending its work on Darfur cases because of frustrating investigations.

This article has impeccable timing with class discussion about how world leaders ignore the international criminal court. The significance here is that Sudan is not a world power but has legal autonomy in the matter described because they are not part of an agreement.

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