Sunday, October 23, 2016

China Considers Launching a "Citizen Scoring" program

     The Chinese government is planning to incorporate a "Citizen Scoring" system to control the decisions of its its people. While the exact details of the program are unknown, the government says that it is trying to use this program to keep citizens from committing fraud like selling poisoned food, doctors taking bribes, and conning other people. This plan will assign a "score" to activities that are considered as "bad" or "good" behaviors, with the government's categorizations being an item of mystery at this point. Citizens with a "bad" score might be denied rights such as borrowing loans or traveling outside the country. China seems to be calling this program "Internet Plus", but many critics are likening this move to a shift in a more totalitarian society, Also, cyber-security analysts say that this move can open up a new avenue for cybercriminals to exploit or modify the system for their own needs.

-Mohammed Khan

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