Sunday, October 16, 2016

China drops one-child policy, but ‘exhausted’ tiger moms say one is plenty

As stated in the title, China's government has uplifted the law on having one child. Due to a rapidly aging population, the country hopes to encourage Chinese families to have bigger families to ensure the success of future generations. However this time around, Chinese families have since become acclimated to the one child system. Having just one child is not only tradition, but the only economically feasible option. The immense pressure of education in China has led to many families investing heavily in their child's education from the time their child starts grade school. In this article, a middle class family is spending $10,000 per year just on after-school classes for their one son. With these issues in mind, it would be difficult to expect Chinese families to grow accustomed to having more than one child in the near future despite the change in law.

-Drew Truckenmiller


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