Sunday, October 30, 2016

Morocco protests: Death of fish seller triggers rare demonstrations

Thousands of Moroccans have held protests throughout the country after a fish seller was crushed to death in a refuse lorry trying to retrieve fish confiscated by police. The death of the fish seller Mouhcine Fikri, on Friday drew "widespread anger" on social media. Police had confiscated and destroyed Mr Fikri's swordfish because it is not allowed to be fished at this time of the year, according to Moroccan media. Video circulating on social media appears to show Mr. Fikri jumping into the back of the refuse lorry to retrieve his fish, before being crushed to death by its compactor. Interior Minister Mohamed Hassad vowed to hold a speedy investigation into exactly what had happened. Mr. Fikri's death drew parallels to that of a Tunisian fruit seller in 2010 which helped spark the Arab Spring uprisings. To prevent uprising and unrest Morocco's King Mohamed has ordered officials to visit Mr Fikri's family, along with the interior and justice ministries have also pledged to hold an investigation.

-AC Christopherson

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