Sunday, October 23, 2016

Poland and Abortion

                 Protesters took to the streets of Poland over the weekend, in order to demonstrate their opposition toward new efforts to further regulate abortion laws.  Already recognized for having some of the strictest abortion laws in Europe, Poland plans to, more strictly enforce, regulations on abortions; more specifically, Poland plans to outlaw abortions for fetuses that have been deemed "unviable" or "badly damaged".  Women's rights activists throughout the country are, undoubtedly, outraged and protested accordingly; many argue that harsher restrictions on abortion, will only continue to drive the practice "underground".  According to the article, illegal abortions are far more common in Poland than legal abortions, and the concern is that this trend will continue to rise.  Protests are expected to continue into this upcoming week until these issues are truly discussed.

-Jaedyn Krebs-Carr

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